Sunday, April 25, 2010

More Virginia Fun

Somedays, little man just needs a sink bath . . . even at grandma's.
Then it's time for lots of kisses from grandma and grandpa before they go to work.

While grandma and grandpa were at work, Matthew made sure to take good care of the furniture with lots of zerberts.

Matthew also loves games of peek-a-boo around the chair with grandpa.But he especially loves hugs (and standing).
Grandma made some yummy buffalo chicken pizza.
though it may have been a little spicy for Matt.
On Sunday, we went to brunch at the Gristmill. It was the perfect occasion for little man to wear a suit, as well as attempting a family photo. We managed to get one where everyone was almost looking at the camera instead of little man. Little man, meanwhile, looks as if he has no idea what's going on.
Brunch was yummy and Matthew even got to taste a tiny bit of their fabulous chocolate mousse. He approved.

Then it was time to play outside and do some reaching and crawling attempts.

But that's never as much fun as hanging out with Uncle Matt and Grandpa.

Then Matthew ended his weekend in the best way possible, with bath, cuddles and a story with grandma.

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