Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring has Sprung

Matthew and I are slowly recovering from our travels and enjoying time with grandma and grandpa. After 5 different flights with an array of different stewardesses with different rules about carseats we arrived in Virginia. First, however, we also had a wonderful visit with NotMom and Uncle Eric in the Village of Scotia and then we attended a fabulous wedding (well, I attended a fabulous wedding and Matthew stayed with a fabulous sitter). Congrats Lisa and Rob! I was so overwhelmed by the awesomeness of their wedding,reception, family and friends that I forgot to take pictures for most of the event. *Note to self: 1. Pack fewer things so you can bring the good camera next time. 2. Learn to use your little camera indoors if it's the only camera you bring*
Matthew is definitely enjoying the greenness of the East Coast while we are here.
Here's the green we had before we left:

Including this green he received in the mail from Uncle Matt before we left. He loves his new frog.
And here's the green he played in today. It was a gorgeous day and a nice change from our "lawn" in Wyoming.

Matthew helped grandpa Ron mow by pulling out the grass and eating it. I tried to teach him to shoot for pulling out the dandelions, but he preferred the grass.
Grandpa Ron didn't seem too disappointed when he came home from work.

He and Matthew had a great time catching up about their days.

Matthew also went to school with grandma to meet some of her friends this afternoon. He is certainly a ladies man and enjoyed the attention. Hopefully he'll grow into his rightful nerdiness before high school, otherwise James and I are in trouble :-)

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