Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stealing Pics

Here are some pics I stole from my parent's camera. This is Matthew testing out the Lee family cup at grandma and grandpa Watson's.

And here he is refusing to allow us to use grandma Sheryl's apron as a bib.He also spent some time hanging out at Uncle Matt's bachelor pad.

And I found a small trove of newborn pics of Matthew on Mom's camera that I hadn't downloaded. It was perfect timing as a friend has been sharing pics of her gorgeous newborn and I've been missing my cuddly little newborn. I loved this one:
And here's a picture of mom getting Matthew's Easter present signed. I LOVE Jan Brett's books. She writes some really good stories, but it's really her illustrations that make the books. They are intricate and fabulous. Anyway, mom got Matthew a copy of "The Easter Egg" signed. She also was able to get some signed bookplates for other Brett books in our collection. I'm still jealous she got to meet her.

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