Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Travel Miracle

The problem with traveling from Riverton is that in order to get to the East Coast at a somewhat reasonable time, your best bet is the 6am flight out of town. That means a 4am wake up (at least) which is generally about 3 hours short of Matthew's full night of sleep. Last night we had a visitor at bedtime so Matthew stayed up to play, meaning he's 4 hours short of sleep to start our trip. Awesome.

There's really no good way to get M back to sleep once at the airport so my only hope for a good start to the trip is that he sleeps on the puddle jumper for about an hour. Today, however, we had a crazy flight attendant who insisted I hold Matthew on take-off and landing. Apparently where my carseat says "Approved by the NHTSA for use on aircraft" was not good enough for her to believe it was allowed to be used on, uhmm, an aircraft. Please note, this is the exact opposite of all normal advice on a plane for adult safety and really defeated the purpose of my dragging the carseat onto the plane. This also cut his nap short by 15 mins. each on take off and landing. Meaning he barely got a 20 minute nap. Even more awesome.

So, after another delicious floor breakfast in the Denver airport we were approaching near meltdown. However, with a little ingenuity, seat jiggling and in general good luck that there are no departing planes and obnoxious announcements near us for the moment, behold this miracle:
which leaves me plenty of time to share this inane information with you all while trying not to drool on the hipster with the iPad next to me.


  1. I'm so sorry Heather! We used to have some major sleep issues while traveling with Natalie too, mostly in that she didn't want to sleep while anyone was in the same room as she was. So, trying to get us all together in a hotel room or guest room and get a full night's sleep NEVER happened. She's gotten better as she's gotten older, and hopefully Matthew will be able to sleep through these type of things soon too! But I hope you guys have fun at the wedding and it makes up for all the travel crappiness.

  2. What that flight attendant did was irresponsible! You did the smart thing by not arguing with the crew during the flight, but I would send a letter to the airline to let them know about this incident, and hopefully make future flights safer.


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