Monday, May 10, 2010

The best laid plans

Matthew and I just wrapped up our 3.5 week travel extravaganza. Plans were made, changed, rearranged, scrapped and changed again over the course of the weeks. James joined us for a very short time (too short) and though I was gone for what seemed like a long time, there were cute babies, cute fiances and cute nature centers belonging to awesome friends with whom I had intended on spending time because I believed that 3.5 weeks was (said with great exasperation) "such a long time".

Though Matthew travels relatively well for a 9 month old, I can fully admit, I do not. I slip into survival mode, celebrating the simple accomplishments of both showering and brushing my teeth on the same day. When life is lived in 2-3 hour increments between naps, I just didn't get much baby/fiance/nature center visiting done. Hopefully next time my oh-my-gosh-if-Matt-doesn't-sleep-he'll-be-a-monster-baby-and-I'll-have-a-nervous-breakdown freak outs will have chilled a bit and I'll get to some more visiting. Seriously, some of my friends babies (like this one or this one or this one) are just crazy cute and I'm so glad I can at least blogstalk them.

Though we didn't do as much visiting as I would have liked, Matthew definitely still made the rounds. He's quite the entertainer and flirt. I was able to visit with some of James' wonderful family and had a great visit with his parents for the week. James' cousin Donna Lee came for lunch with a fabulous gift for Matthew, which he thoroughly enjoys and shared with another baby at the airport. (Sharing includes whacking someone with something, right?)
We also headed down to Richmond visit James' godparents. Matthew thought Mama Trigg was great for a few snuggles.
He also enjoyed hanging out with Papa Arch. Matthew's look of intensity is because he was determined to grab the cartoon clipping sitting on the end table. He *really* wanted to know what we were all laughing at.

The Watsons after lunch.
Over the course of the week we went to the park with Grandma. Here's Matthew all ready to go. His backpack/diaper bag is a life saver in the airport and for travel in general and is far more convenient than a stroller most of the time. A special thanks to Aunt Anita and Uncle Norman for the hat. It works beautifully.
Well, except with Matthew tries to rearrange it :-)

It didn't matter to him though, Matthew found the swings to be hilarious.

Hanging out with grandma afterward.
Matthew also got to spend some time with two of his favorite uncles. Hanging out with Uncle John at the wedding
And showing Uncle Ed how he could motor along.
Uncle John left Matthew's two cousins with us for the week. Matthew thought Mosby was pretty neat
But Emma preferred to just watch from a safe distance with Grandma.
To top off a busy day and busy week, Matthew loved Grandpa John's rendition of "Chugga Chugga Choo Choo". Sheryl's friend Mary definitely picked a perfect gift. I may even have to shelve the book until our next visit because my train noises just can't compare to those that grandpa makes.
Speaking of that, I have a back log of pictures and thoughts to share plus we'll have some big news to share *hopefully* by the end of the week but for now I'm spent. I'm going through a bit of a blogger's tantrum as I had a decent sized, well-written post yesterday and accidentally deleted it. Don't worry, a good dose of baby giggles in the morning should fix me.

Oh yeah, and speaking of pictures, I snagged a bunch of pictures off my Father-in-law's computer. So the pictures above that are crisp, in focus and well, fabulous? Those were taken by him :-) More to come soon.

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