Monday, May 24, 2010

Life Progress

Well, aside from the fact we'll need to sit down and edit this list a bit due to our upcoming move, we've accomplished two more things from our 101 Things to Do list.

46. Have James finish his secret project
78. Purchase another vehicle

James and I are new owners of a minivan. I'm too lazy to go take a picture of our own car, but it's silver and pretty and the backseat area does this:
PLUS, it doesn't have a DVD player of any sort :-) However, if this becomes one of those "wait until he's 7" type situations and I need to have a deep dish of humble pie, it appears it'd be easy to slip in one of those travel ones. I'm certain James won't be willing to share his future iPad because he'll have converted using it this way: (Note to media: much like bacon formula, this is a joke. Chill out.)

Anyway, theoretically the van will give us a bit more room to take Matthew, the dogs, the stroller and oh, I don't know, maybe a suitcase when we travel. In profile it's a bit boxier and not as sexy as some of the other mini-vans, but this gives us storage and truthfully, my dream van is this

so clearly, boxy-ness doesn't intimidate me. Compared to our Explorer it drives like a dream. Plus, (as James and I awkwardly realized last week) being a one car family would be a lot harder when James doesn't work upstairs.

James, Matthew, the dogs and I will be headed to check out our new apartment this weekend and take care of some pre-move things in MT. In the meantime, we're busy packing. Matthew's new hobby (since it's definitely not practicing crawling again . . . EVER) is reading, thank goodness. He'll sit for 30-40 mins. semi-peacefully taking board books out of the basket, examining them intensely, then throwing them.

However, he still prefers his nighttime snuggles the best.
Just for the record, there was thick frost on our windshield this AM. I thought I was being productive when I picked out all summer clothes in Matthew's new size but that's come back to haunt me. Thank goodness for both sets of cute footie (feetie? feety?) PJs from grandma and grandma Watson that still fit. Words can't adequately explain his current outfit, but it involves a striped shorts romper and extra large non-matching socks pulled up to his knees a la babylegs. Thank goodness he's not old enough for other babies to tease him about what his mom makes him wear :-)

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  1. AnonymousMay 25, 2010

    There was an 01 camper available in CO for only $41K


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