Monday, May 17, 2010


So, to start at the semi-beginning, James has been looking for a new job. It's not because he doesn't love his old company . . . because he does, but because he needs co-workers to be there in person. James looked in Fremont County for quite a while and though there were companies that wanted to hire him (though they didn't really know exactly what they'd do with his skill set) no company could afford to hire him right now. A few months ago, he expanded his search, focusing on Colorado's front range which is teeming with tech companies. So, while I was gallivanting around VA, James was up and down the Rocky Mountains adding even more chaos to an already changing vacation and therefore didn't join me for very long.

On Wednesday James accepted an offer in what might just be the perfect compromise for us. James is excited about the job and team, the compensation makes sense and all around the company has the work-life-community balance we are looking for. The town is still "rural" enough that its college has this picture on the front page of its website:
But big enough to host a tech company of about 400.

The Chamber of Commerce promotes the town as "A charming town . . . in a John Wayne-Norman Rockwell-Bob Marley sort of way".

We're still close to the mountains:

But big city enough to have a:

We can easily get lost in miles of crop land:
But it's big enough and hippie enough have an actual cloth diaper store or two (about which I am more excited than is probably normal or healthy):

So, we're excited to announce we'll be moving to Bozeman, Montana in June! Oh yeah, and trust me, I understand geography and know that Bozeman, MT is not in Colorado's Front Range. Through a weird twist of fate, though James applied for a job in the Boulder, CO office of this company, they thought he'd be a better fit for a team in Bozeman. I blindly agreed to go wherever, having not been to Bozeman since I was likely 10. James accepted the offer Wednesday and turned in his two weeks at his current job and this weekend we headed up there to find a place to rent. Though we'll definitely miss Fremont County, Bozeman will definitely be a great adventure for us.


  1. Wow, congrats to you guys on finding such a good fit!

  2. I second the congratulations! It's great that you're going to be living in a place you think you'll like so much, and that James found a job that lets you balance all of the parts of life in the way you want. Enjoy the change!

  3. Beth FreebornMay 18, 2010

    Congrats Heather and James! I have a friend whose sister has lived in Bozeman for about 15 years and it always sounded AWESOME! Sounds like a perfect fit!!

  4. Sarah CurtisMay 19, 2010

    Congrats!!! Sounds like a great place to live! And TWO cloth diaper stores? I'm jealous :)

  5. Thanks everyone! We are very excited . . . but mostly overwhelmed right now :-) Should make for a great summer and we're now close to both Glacier and Yellowstone if anyone's looking for a great National Park vacation!


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