Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day Fun

An added bonus of many of our friends planning spring weddings was the opportunity to be on the East Coast for Mother's Day. We were able to celebrate with dinner on Saturday with the Watsons, where Matthew very politely joined us for almost two hours. He tried all sorts of new foods and I thought for a moment he might be able to quietly last through my dessert. There were some chocolate deserts being hyped so I desperately handed him items from the table to buy myself some time. I should have known as soon as I handed him the empty glass bottle to bang his hands on that two things would happen: 1. Someone would grab a camera and 2. He would eventually move his mouth to it. Unfortunately, the ploy did not hold off the fussing for me to stay to enjoy dessert. Thank goodness the moment was captured for posterity.

And brunch on Sunday with the Pozuns.
Matthew really enjoyed himself.(Note to Brio: If you won't accommodate me with an extra adult chair for little man's high chair, be forewarned that we will just use your nice tablecloth as a surface for his food.) Matthew didn't seem to mind the surface at all and enjoyed a brunch of eggs, french toast, fruit and spinach/garlic/artichoke dip. In fact, it was a little frightening how much he enjoyed the dip.

James unfortunately had to leave town early Sunday morning, but he and Matthew shared cards and gifts with me on Saturday. They picked out two gorgeous necklaces for me which I wore to brunch. One is similar to thisand the other was a necklace with Matthew's birth month flower engraved on it. They are just beautiful, unique and perfect for someone who likes to find a nice necklace and wear it nearly every day. It was an absolutely fabulous, almost perfect first mother's day. Next year I only hope James and I can coordinate our travel schedules a little better and spend a bit more time together. Looks like Father's day is also shaping up to be a crazy weekend as well.

For good measure before I finish, here's another inappropriate item given to Matthew to keep him content. This time it was during a long trip on an 85 degree day without A/C. For snugglebear, apparently coffee was the answer. I promise I do bring toys along most of the time :-)

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  1. AnonymousMay 19, 2010

    It could have been steamed milk....Audra


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