Monday, May 17, 2010

Our Weekend in Bozeman

Friday we sent the dogs off to our favorite kennel and headed up to Bozeman. Speaking of dogs, Bozeman is a dog town. Most of the down town shops have water bowls outside for dogs, many bars and stores are dog friendly, and the town has a number of dog parks and even a dog lake. In fact, there are MANY hotels that are dog friendly, which we'll definitely take advantage of over Memorial Day. Even in my search for rentals, MANY are pet friendly and advertise as such. However, once they did the math that we had 4 animals, I was shut down. By the way some responded to the fact we wanted to bring 4 animals, you would have thought that I was asking to bring a gorilla, two bears and a goat. One company was nice enough to call me and tell me "you can bring just three of them. Would that work?" Seriously? Otherwise I got a lot of resounding NOs. Sigh.

If we decide to buy eventually, we'll be buying in doggy nirvana. Until then, we put in an application for an apartment where they *think* they can accommodate all of us. Fingers crossed! Matthew started crawling while we were discussing the application, so theoretically that's a sign it's meant to be, right?

Otherwise, it was a good weekend. They happened to be having a Baby Expo that we stopped by. I was thoroughly impressed with everything Bozeman has to offer. I spoke with a few Pediatricians and practices as well as sitting in on a mini-Kindermusik lesson and more. Bozeman has LOTS of mommy resources which will hopefully be fun to explore. It's also a college town with a few Early Ed students looking to babysit which will be nice so James, June and I can go out and check out the dog-friendly bars :-) Sky will likely need some on-leash aggression refreshers before he can join the other doggies at the bar.

In all the chaos I haven't been taking many pictures, but here are a few I snapped while we stopped for a quick picnic on our way back through Thermopolis. **Blogger is killing me with uploading - pictures and video will be added soon**

It was a rough weekend for Matthew. Friday evening he had a mild temp before we left which spiked late Friday night. He continued to be slightly feverish and cranky most of the weekend. He's also a complete wiggle worm right now and has decided he'd rather be moving than strapped into his carseat. Considering he had to spend a lot of time in his carseat in addition to our blatant disregard for his nap routine and his weird symptoms, I think he did awesome. Too bad he couldn't hold off on crawling for one more month while I try and pack the house :-)

Phew! There's all the exciting Watson news fit to print!

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