Thursday, May 20, 2010


I'll try posting these again. Proof that little man survived the trip last weekend :-) However, he (and I) picked up something (I haven't taken him to the clinic but my guess is they'd say it's likely "something viral"). Anyway, he's a miserable little snuggle bear so no new pictures of feats this week. However, instead of practicing crawling he's learning to "blow kisses". If I ever get a camera, charged battery and empty memory card in the same place at the same time I may have a shot of getting a pic/video.

A mini-picnic at Thermopolis.
Looking cool.
"No thanks mom. I'm done."
"You can't trick me. It's not gold, it's not shiny and I know you're putting me back in the carseat again. No crawling for the camera."

Oh yeah, and on the way to and from Bozeman we got to check out the mashed up train carnage of this little incident first hand. Crazy. Apparently the train derailed again after they rescued it and got it back to Cheyenne.


  1. That is some well maintained grass!

  2. I know, it's kinda crazy for a state without water!


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