Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Fabulous Day

You should know I'm posting this well past my bedtime, but I'm waiting for James to get back from filling sandbags . . . PLUS, as I was trying to go to sleep, some crazy woman rang my doorbell looking for someone at 11 frickin' 15pm. Crazy. So I decided to blog in the meantime :-)

First, on Monday we were going to go hike the falls at Sinks Canyon for my birthday, and then this happened:(Photo courtesy Dain Medow and the Fremont County Flood Facebook Group)

Fremont County is facing record flooding. Our extended family's ranch is taking on water and the road to Riverton for us is now blocked off right outside our driveway. We can see the river from our house now, though we are fortunate to be high and dry. Please, please keep this area in your thoughts and prayers as the current forecast looks like this:
and not surprisingly, the National Weather Service is predicting it will get worse before it gets better. You can check out more information and pics at the facebook page (which for lord only knows what reason is the emergency mgmt team's "official" method of communication): http://www.facebook.com/FremontCountyFlood2010

Anyway, back to the slightly lighter matter of our Monday excursion, before we headed out to help with flood matters. Our second choice was we were going to go to the Handcart Museum (also on our 101 things list). However, Matthew napped weird (welcome to my life) and well, we were a little worried about the highway washing out and getting stuck in Sweetwater Station. Sooo, we headed to the park for a fabulous picnic! In exciting news, Matthew has finally mastered the straw, which means I can stop packing a sippy cup around. Hooray!
However, his newest, favoritest food are blueberries.

Then we went swinging

And we found these cool stepping stone things that were the perfect height
and nicely spaced for cruising attempts

Then much to our surprise, we completed another one of our 101 things. While we were at the park we were working with the dogs to chill out and look what June decided to do:


Though it wasn't the original plan, we are able to cross another one off our list.

Before we left we stopped to take some pics of James and I with Matthew.

Then we headed to the Wind River Heritage Center, formerly and kinda currently the Jake Korell museum. It was unique. The mounts truly are fantastic and I can imagine on the days when you catch Jake there, it's quite the experience. The rest is well, a work in progress.

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