Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We're still alive

Monday, 259 of our items were put on the truck and will meet us in Montana tomorrow morning. The van and Explorer are loaded down and fully packed (including my camera which is "somewhere in the van" where it was *supposed* to be easily accessible.) In the meantime, Matthew's been cruising around grandma's furniture like a pro. Proof from the webcam:
Matthew's been a trooper considering he's had to nap all over creation. His diet has been severely wacky as we are clearing out the house, and I do worry that he'll do this from all the blueberries:
The dogs are doing well at grandma's, with the exception of June's reluctance to go in grandma's basement. The cats are enjoying the empty house and hopefully Iris will do well in the car tonight. We'll chat with you all later from Big Sky country (aka the state where everyone already thinks we live!)

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