Monday, July 5, 2010

Fourth, Food, Family, Freedom and Fun!

Our 4th of July started with a snooze but as is the new tradition (started last year) it ended with a bang of smokey produce. The day started with a parade that was inconveniently scheduled during naptime so Matthew and I were only able to run down and catch the end of it. The floats were colorful

though Mom's class reunion float could have used a bit better planning with the banner placement.

Our crew was ready to wave and cheer,

but somehow a lot of my pictures ended up of the crowd instead of the floats.

We then came home and the boys played with firecrackers and bottle rockets

while others played pass the baby.

Matthew was not too impressed with the entertainment, but certainly loves snacktime in the big boy chair. . .

and he really enjoys having circus peanuts (thanks to Uncle Matt) on Grandpa Ron's shoulders:

Uncle Matt and Grandpa Ron grilled up some delicious ribs, trout, pork loin and fresh corn on the cob.

Though Matthew didn't stay up for the ribs with dinner, he did enjoy some deviled eggs just like daddy earlier in the day.

In Lander on the 4th, ALL types of fireworks explosives are legal from 10am to midnight. For 13 hours, we exploded a little a couple hundred dollars worth of everything sold that explodes. In a style that would make his uncle Danny proud, Jacob took to exploding produce for us. Some cucumbers,

and some bananas all met their end in grandma's driveway.

But the grand finale of produce was the exploded honeydew after 6 or so attempts. Pardon the language and shaky camera work, but I don't handle flaming honeydew skidding across my body the way others do.

We ended the night with our own actual fireworks and enjoying the fireworks surrounding us in all directions. The upper right was James' first mortar. All in all a fabulous holiday with great people and lots of fun.

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  1. Why do I feel like some combination of Nathan, Rob, Chuck and/or Smouther should have been behind the exploding honeydew?


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