Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Today we are celebrating a very special day! One year ago we fell in love with this squishy little baby for the first time.

Matthew at 5 minutes old:

Matthew at 1 day old.

Matthew at 1 month.

Big smiles at 2 months. I don't know how I ever did anything besides kiss these adorable little cheeks and rub that cute little peach fuzz hair all day.

Intrigue at 3 months. Oh yeah, and his two teeth. It's amazing now at 1 year (when in my mind all the other babies should have caught up!) how many moms comment on his teeth and how it's the first thing they noticed. Granted, it's always easy to notice because he smiles so much at strangers. We have a world class flirt on our hands :-)

His first big plane trip to visit grandmas and grandpas at 4 months.

Bathtime at 5 months. Matthew definitely had/has a hate/love/meh relationship with water. We've had 2 parent/tot lessons at the pool and he's not overly impressed. He doesn't completely flip out, but he's not thrilled about it either. He often feels the same way about bathtime anymore.

Switching to his big boy carseat at 6 months.

Yummy prunes and apricots at 7 months. Matthew also had a strong start with eating, but is now hit or miss. Right now I think it troubles him too much to take the time out of the day to sit still instead of practicing his cruising and future walking. He LOVES it when I put his snacks on the ottoman and he can cruise around while he snacks.

Sheer cuteness at 8 months.

Another big trip to visit grandmas and grandpas at 9 months.

More bathtime at 10 months.

Circus peanuts and family gatherings at 11 months.

On Sunday (before the big hair cut!) we had Matthew's 1st year photos taken with a fabulous local photographer. She posted a sneak peek of the pictures on he blog. I LOVE them. I hemmed and hawed about professional photos as our generic portrait studio photos were cute last time, but I'm so glad we went for pro shots. She not only captured his cuteness (which is easy) but his personality. Here's a sneak peek of one of the great photos Amy took and you can follow the link below for more. She'll be posting even more photos by the end of the week. I can't wait!

So here he is at 1 year. Happy Birthday Little Man! We love you!
Photo from Birthday Boy {Bozeman Baby Photographer} « Amy Shertzer Photography


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