Sunday, July 11, 2010

Motion Explosion

Though James headed back to Montana on Monday, Matthew and I spent most of the week, umm . . . "helping" clean/repair our old house for renters. It was a ridiculous exercise in futility on my part as when I was there with Matthew he was generally in the way but when I wasn't there "helping" I felt monumentally guilty. If all else fails I at least got some cute pictures right :-) Doesn't he just look like he's doing a great job supervising and staying out of the way!

The biggest news of the past weeks has been Matthew's increased movement. As we were approaching Matthew's 1 year appointment, I started to have some massive mommy panic about little man's lack of movement. He had rolled from his back to his belly some 5 months ago and has since refused to do it. AT ALL. He could move on his tummy in his weird crawl, but would only go from sitting to tummy if he was trying to get into something he shouldn't. He didn't show any interest in pulling up etc. My pediatrician in WY was really chill about it all but I was afraid we'd get a new pediatrician who was more intense and would push for interventions and freak me out if Matthew didn't check off all the development check boxes at his appointment.

Anyway, any Mommy panic (about that at least) has subsided and Wednesday night, before we left grandma's, he had thrown a cup out of the bathtub and pulled himself to find it. I kinda figured it was a fluke as grandma's tub had a nice rail to pull up on and there was little friction working against him.

Thursday he was stuck in the carseat with a short interlude in Cody for lunch with friends and another sanity stop in Livingston where Matthew cruised around McDonald's playing peek-a-boo with the woman mopping the floors. No pulling up once we got home.

Friday I heard him giggling when he got up from his nap and went in to find this:
I love this cheesy expression Matthew keeps making for the camera. It cracks me up every time.

Friday and Saturday, I came into the living room to find this heartwarming scene:

Cute because it's my two favorite boys, heartwarming because the silly piano we keep moving around is finally getting played.

Which is perfect for some dancing:

And though babies dancing is always adorable, my new favorite activity of Matthew's is putting his toys away. Hopefully he'll continue to enjoy doing this for a long time:

Saturday we took advantage of the pool in our complex and tested out Matthew's new goldfish.

Dutifully, we put Matthew's sunscreen on before we headed out and besides rubbing it in his eyes which really ticked him off, the sunscreen then turned him into a giant sticky trap for any and all pet fur on the ground . . . which he then also rubbed into his eyes. After that fiasco, Matthew wasn't exactly impressed with the pool but we're hoping a few more outings will convince him. All in all it was an excellent, relaxing weekend. Books were read, laundry was done, yummy food was made and lots more pulling up for Matthew was accomplished. For better or worse, he's completed the full circle of motions and nothing is safe now.

Oh yeah, we also have a massive tooth update. No pictures however since I can barely get the boy to stay still for a diaper change let alone tooth picture. Anyway, one of his molars is through and 1 more molar and 2 more teeth are poking through the surface. Heaven help us.

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  1. I LOVE the piano dancing. He's such a happy kid!


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