Monday, July 19, 2010

The rest of the weekend

We had an excellent weekend with Uncle Ed. Matthew isn't so much for sitting still ANYWHERE, so we did a bit of hanging out at the house while Matthew cruised around after the kitties and practiced his pulling up.

He enjoyed Uncle Ed's company

and listening to daddy and Ed's silliness over ridiculous sci-fi movies.

On Saturday we headed up into Hyalite Canyon south of town for a picnic and some hiking. A big thanks to Uncle Ed for taking photos as I forgot my cameras. Burgers, brats, and beer surrounded by impressive, gorgeous mountains and blue sky were a nice change of pace.

But of course we had to top it off with s'mores. Some hot rocks did the trick for perfectly melting the chocolate. The s'mores were second only to those I made in Mesa Verde, where the campfire grate had these nice, flat metal pieces perfect for resting a graham cracker with chocolate to soften up.

Matthew scooted around the site, over ashes, pine needles, dirt and rocks leaving us a very dirty boy (which the picture doesn't quite convey) with scraped up knees. Matthew had no complaints however.

We headed up to the end of the canyon and took a short hike up to Grotto Falls. The dogs were thrilled when we got to the end and they could take a cool break.

The falls.

Uncle Ed.

The Watson clan, minus the kitties.

As an early birthday present from Uncle Ed, we took Matthew out for ice cream. His first bite:

Wanting more.


All in all I think he liked it, but his first reaction wasn't totally different from that of any vegetables . . . which actually should be a good sign. Stealing french fries, however, is a whole new ball game.

Last but not least, some cuteness and hamming it up with Ed. Pardon the fingers in the mouth as we now have a lower molar through, and 1 more molar and 2 canines on their way.

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