Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The sillies

Today I was in working on the guest room/office project in preparation of our first guest in our new apartment this weekend (which is a whole different post eventually). Matthew was playing in his room amidst the linen sorting fiasco and went quiet. I said his name and he started giggling. I did it again and he giggled more and more. I was pretty pumped that a) he hadn't gotten into anything he shouldn't have and b) that I was so entertaining so I went to get the camera. Little did I know he wasn't in hysterics over me, it was because of Olivia and a plastic tote.

I'm pretty certain when he laughs like this it is not because the world is so interesting, but it's more of him being in that maniacal stage of exhaustion where he gets the sillies, like the 2am lesson plan you're working on and all of a sudden you can't type the words schist or orogeny correctly, let alone without a fit of laughter. 15 minutes after this little outburst he was sound asleep.

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  1. I love when they do this too! I still love hearing Natalie's hysterical laughter when we play. It just gets better!


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