Tuesday, August 3, 2010


A few weekends ago we explored Dinosaur Playground, which really is one of the coolest parks around. Matthew's still a little young for it, but it won't be too long. Here he is being defiant yet cute and removing his hat:

And holy goodness, could there have been anything cuter than him waving at his own shadow.

Digging for dino bones

The park is full of these series of tiles with kids illustrations of dinos.

The "climb through time/rock layers" climbing wall. This geology nerd approves!

Some more of the park Matthew has to look forward to!

We've been playing a lot with Matthew's new birthday toys. Here he is with Old MacDonald, whom he loves.

Well, except when Old MacDonald runs his tractor into Matthew. Then he is less than thrilled.

This weekend a good friend of ours from college and a new friend came to visit. We took them to the museum of the Rockies. Matthew hung out with the Triceratops (Jack Horner's favorite dino according to the morning paper today!) downstairs for a bit.

We came home to a storm that inhibited our trip to the hot springs, but brought us a double rainbow out the back door.

Sunday we headed to Lewis and Clark Caverns. Matthew made it to the cave entrance

as did John and Elizabeth.

Unfortunately, about halfway down the cave, Matthew decided he was not impressed so he and I headed back out. Now that Matthew's learned to crawl and move, he's not overly happy being carried at all or sitting still. John, Elizabeth and James ventured through and James got some of these pics. I can't wait to go back when it's a little more appropriate for Matthew or when we have a great babysitter willing to sit out the tour.

All in all another excellent weekend.

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  1. Little Matthew is quite the dancer there with those Elvis-like moves!


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