Friday, August 20, 2010

Family Photo Friday

So, today we'll get to the real reasons for Family Photo Friday. Besides my obsessions with old photos, I need help piecing a lot of things together. So, I find the blog to be a nice, quick way to share photos with family and (hopefully) get their emails telling me either a)hey, I know who that is or b)stop blathering already, you're crazy off the mark . . . or something inbetween :-)

So, here are some unidentified photos I've come across:

This one's labeled 4.5 months

This one's labeled 1 month.

Because there are lots of pictures and based on the unofficial statistical breakdown of the rest of the photos we have, I'd assume it's the first baby, John. However, I have no idea who's holding him and/or whose house they are in. If it was grandma and grandpa's house in Superior, where in the world did those gorgeous chairs go? Also, it could be photos sent from a cousin/aunt which means I really have no idea.

Also, in my unidentified file is this photo:

On the back is written "Mom and Dad, May 19th 1915" plus some crayon scribbles. I'm quite certain my great grandfather is not hiding in this photo, but is this (my great-)grandma? Most of the pictures we have of her she is much older so I'm not quite certain and the info is ambiguous.

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  1. Heather,
    The first group of pics are of Barbara and Brad.
    I don't know about the last pic


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