Friday, August 27, 2010

How Matthew Eats a Sandwich

Yesterday, Matthew and I took a nice hike with some other moms and kids. We saw a few turtles and lots of ducks. I'm going to go with this turtle being in an, uhhmmmm, deep meditative trance as it was the only one who didn't retreat as our group approached.

Last night, Iris was being incredibly cute as she watched and batted at the window, watching a grasshopper on our deck. I'll spare you the 2 minutes of video where she just sat there and I waited for her to do something cute. In the meantime, someone else decided he could be even cuter though you can kinda follow Iris in the corner.   Then he decided to show you how he so delicately eats his sandwich before getting distracted by the dogs who are somewhat patiently waiting for him to finish so they can patrol for stray food:

Yet somehow, all that delicate, sandwich tearing turns into this:
Because no matter how hard a press his sandwich
He prefers to split open the slices and eat the filling first.  In fact, I think sandwiches generally turn into a messier meal than say pasta and sauce with this dude.

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