Monday, August 16, 2010

Matt and Mom in Missoula

12 years ago I made an awesome friend in the little old town of Hot Springs, VA. In the past 12 years we have collectively lived in over 10 states and every once in a while, we manage to live in the same state which meant it was time for a road trip! Thursday afternoon Matthew and I loaded up the car and headed to Missoula, one of many Montana towns with a big M on the side of a hill (more about that later). Friday we hit up the Missoula Fair where Matthew chilled out in his new backpack from grandma and grandpa while we hit up the sites and of course, the fair food. Matthew's favorite however, was the cherries (the messy, staining, difficult to pit without stained hands cherries) from the nearby Flathead Lake area. I didn't take any pics of the day unfortunately but it was great :-(

On Saturday, however, we checked out the Carousel in Missoula, inspired by a cabinet maker in 1991 and hand carved and built by all volunteers. Pretty impressive. Matthew and I chose our horse and then truthfully, held on for dear life. It's a rather quick carousel! Matthew was not overly impressed, and the fact that he leaned forward and hit his head on the brass pole at the beginning of the ride didn't help at all! A huge thanks to Jenn for taking pics of this traumatic first carousel ride.

Afterwards we hung out by the river and checked out the farmer's market (fresh huckleberries!!) and another street fair. Matthew spent plenty of time terrorizing loving Jenn's cat and dog and we were able to catch up. An excellent weekend and I certainly see more road trips to Missoula in our future!

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