Thursday, August 26, 2010


Much like cleaning out my dreaded drafts folder in my email, I came across these drafts in my blog posts that never made it to publication.  Most are links and though it seems incongruous to post these together, know some were in my draft folder because I just couldn't get the phrasing right to honor the situation . . . or because I didn't know how to share them.  So, as I try and let go of my perfectionism, here are some of the things I've been thinking about, serious or not.

First was a post temporarily titled "Thinkers and Pray-ers".  It has been an incredibly rough month for friends and family around me with regards to illness, diagnosis and death.  For those of you who pray, please do, and for those of you who don't, keep sending good thoughts their way.   Good thoughts are needed for the family of James' godfather, Parker Archibald.  I am so lucky Sheryl and John took Matthew and I down to visit he and his wife this spring, as Parker passed away last week.  A very nice obituary was posted in The Washington Post.   A close yet very private family member has also been diagnosed with some serious illnesses and needs all the good thoughts we can spare.  My good friend also just received a scary diagnosis regarding her father and needs our prayers.  And earlier this month, a friend and fellow band mate from college was diagnosed with cancer.  She (and her sister) share about it here and if anyone is going to take all the biology knowledge she has and use it to fight for the best treatment to kick cancer's butt, it's Rachel.

Another post that's been sitting around for a while is "Awesome Things my Friends are Doing". It was inspired by having another college friend and band mate who at the time was riding her bike across the country which is crazy impressive, and then building affordable housing along the way.   It was also inspired by a thank you card I got that kinda rocked my world.  One of my good friends from elementary school went to Haiti on a mission trip with A Home in Haiti.   We donated money so she could buy supplies to take with her and in turn she sent us a beautiful thank you card, similar to this blog entry she wrote.  It's hard to put into words the variety of emotions I felt as she shared her journey.  I'm proud of her but saddened by the enormity of the situation.   I think I also had more friends I was proud of to add to this post (which is why I never finished it) but suffice it to say, we have some pretty awesome friends doing awesome things.

And for a bit of silliness, here's a blog that my dad found this and shared with me.   Apparently I missed my blog calling as I helping clean out grandma's old house, though unfortunately this blog hasn't been updated in a while: Stuff From My Mom’s Garage

So after purging some of the waste, there's the stuff that's been sitting around waiting for its blogging moment.  

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