Friday, August 6, 2010

Some of the most awkward photos I've ever taken

Uncle Matt got little Matt an awesome Star Trek onesie for his birthday. I tried to take a picture of him wearing it today. As I was taking pictures none of them were turning out well. As I was clicking through the camera screen James asked about my frustration and I said something like "I don't know what it is, and maybe it's the mosquito bites that look like acne, but all of these make him look like an awkward nerdy teenager." James' response "maybe it's just the Star Trek shirt." Touche. Anyway, here are the outtakes:

And here's his "normal" hamming it up for the cameras, though you can't see the Star Trek awesomeness.

Today I met up with a young woman who's going to be our date night babysitter. Her first comment "Awesome. A Star Trek shirt. I actually had one on earlier but thought it was a little too nerdy for an interview."

Anyway, thanks Uncle Matt!

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