Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We better find a travel agent . . .

. . . . this boy loooooves salmon and we probably ought to teach him to catch his own as soon as possible. Though Grandpa Ron and Uncle Matt may claim to be quite the fisherman, we all know that it's Uncle John and Don who can really help him to reel in the big ones instead of the fabled giants that got away :-) And lord knows with the way this boy eats, little ones just won't suffice.

And here's some more cuteness.

How could anyone resist this little dude as a houseguest . . . even if he will eat them out of house and home!

And, okay, maybe Dad and Matt aren't that bad of fisherman :-)

I guess they can come too.

Wellllll, maybe not. That's definitely not enough for little Matt.

Okay Uncle Matt, that should be enough, you can join us!

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