Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I love photos like this

All photos from our trip this weekend come courtesy my parents cameras. My camera made it out East and even to the dock in Old Town Alexandria for the wedding. Unfortunately, all 12 billion camera cards I own did not make the trip. After all that excitement, my camera now has a lense error and is useless until I figure out a more advanced plan than turning it on and off until it works. The picture I wanted to take would have shown this awesome boat where the wedding was.

Then you can imagine I would have taken pics showing an absolutely stunning bride and her always fun and hospitable groom. I might have even caught the awesome best man speech which ended with "like my dad would have said, 'now let's all get naked and jump in a pile'". Other than DC choosing to ignore the fact it should have been fall, it was perfect.

Here are a few more pictures from my parents' cameras from this weekend:

"Grandma help!"

"Just kidding!"

Goofing around with Uncle Matt.

And here's a great video of Matthew tickling Grandma. My mother is quite possibly one of the most ticklish people on earth so her ability to tolerate this is quite amazing. Grandkids get to have all the fun because when we were growing up, tickling mom was definitely a no-no.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Sunday night we got back from a 3 day adventure to Virginia filled with love, excitement, family, laughter and all the great things wedding travel entails along with visiting both sets of grandparents.

On the flip side, a trip like that over that distance for that short of a time with a toddler leaves behind exhaustion I've never known. So while our family recuperates from our little adventure I'll share a slow trickle of pics until I start feeling human again. Here's just one of the many things Matthew got to do at Uncle Matt's. True to his word since little Matt was just a fuzzy ultrasound spec, Uncle Matt (with help from grandpa) made certain lil' Matt became a drummer . . . and like ever drummer I've ever known, not having a drum set didn't stop him.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Family Photo Friday

Technically I got this in under the buzzer for friday Bozeman time, but we're on the east coast right now so I guess this is technically a Sat. Photo. Anyway, as I'm trying out posting from our new iPad (woohoo!)I decided to find a picture from my stacks I don't think I've posted yet. Hopefully I'll be back to normal next week.

From The Watson's Great Adventure

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The other morning . . .

I got a phone call just before 7am. My first thought:

Who the f$@%* calls before 7am.

I look at the phone and it's James. Second immediate thought:

Oh s&#*&%! What could have happened to James/Matthew/Sky/June.

I answer the phone and it's my dear husband to let me know that the sunset was gorgeous and I should go check it out.

Relieved that he wasn't involved in a giant dog/stroller/dog/human/dog catastrophe, I headed out and saw this gorgeousness over the lake.

Not only is my husband awesome enough to take the stroller and two ridiculous dogs each morning he then calls to share things like this. I am definitely a lucky gal!

P.S. Sorry mom about the profanity in my head. You definitely didn't raise me that way but sometimes it happens before my coffee :-)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Why We Decided to Have Kids . . .

This is just the start in preparing for that glorious day when he'll do this on his own. (Or maybe the semi-glorious day when he does this on his own but fights with his brother or sister over dishwashing technique and style and I still have to referee. . . not that I know anyone like that!)

Next up, how to mow the lawn :-)

Maybe Retrievers Don't Make the Best Big Brothers

Someone has figured out the best way to go get his ball:

And much like Sky he finds it most efficient to carry the ball back in his mouth

And then tosses it closer and closer, just in case I didn't see it the first time.

Monday, September 20, 2010

More Hiking with Grandma and Grandpa!

So, last week James, Matthew and Grandma and Grandpa headed down to Big Sky for another falls hike while I headed off to work (more about that in a second I promise!)

Ousel Falls were apparently gorgeous

And Sky and June enjoyed their hike

Matthew and Grandpa stopped trailside for a little snack

But Matthew mostly enjoyed walking around with grandma and grandpa.

Grandma helping Matthew with his jacket after a morning walk with the dogs

Matthew's a very serious reader

Well, maybe not all the time :-)

It was great to have grandma and grandpa visit and we can't wait to see them again next weekend! It's been two crazy weeks at our house. I love staying at home with Matthew but as he's gotten older I've been struggling with my own professional identity. In an ideal world I'd pour myself into volunteering, but it's hard to volunteer with a mobile toddler and it's not exactly fiscally responsible for me to hire a babysitter while I volunteer. Because I do love being with Matthew so much and he's getting to be such a fun age, I also knew that if I were to take on a part-time job it had to be challenging to me professionally and intellectually to make it "worth" giving up those few hours a week with him.

So, after half-heartedly perusing part-time job postings for a while, I found one job that not only truly excited me, it excited me enough to brush off my resume and write a cover letter, which no other job had done. In a whirlwind Tuesday to Tuesday, I submitted my resume, interviewed, accepted and started work. I'll be the concert and event coordinator for the local symphony. It's very similar to the job I had at the music department at UVA which I loved.

I'm crushed that I'll be missing the symphony's first concert this coming weekend, but they were understanding when they hired me and it's all for a good cause as we head off for a whirlwind weekend soon to celebrate Bert's wedding . . . on a boat! I'll be working a bit this week and then when we get back I'll start with 2 1/2 days and 1 full day a week while little dude heads off to his first daycare/preschool. Yikes!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Family Photo Friday

None of the photos this week are "newly found" per se, but are great photos nonetheless. In thinking about the evolution of grandma's house, here's a very early photo of the plate collection that eventually took over the kitchen, laundry room and mudroom. (They are also great photos of my grandparents!)

The collection sneaking over to the corner of the kitchen

The collection as of 2007:

And this is one of those photos that captured every day life at grandma's house and some of my fondest memories. Every morning, grandma's brother and "neighbor" Uncle Buddy would come over for coffee, B.S., and some games of cribbage. Grandma's kitchen was open to anyone and everyone for coffee, any and every morning. On weekends we'd visit, it wasn't uncommon for all the chairs around the table to be occupied along with uncles and aunts leaned up against the counter. Stories were told, weather was discussed and my great uncles were just known as my uncles. I credit those mornings of coffee and fry bread for my fondness toward my extended family. I also always rocked my addition tests at school because I could breeze through everything that added up to 15 :-)

Along the lines of the evolution of the house, here's a photo from Sharon's wedding, taken in the living room. Rumor is a lot of work was done on the house to prepare for this fabulous event!

And because *someone* was threatening a rebuttal of embarrassing childhood photos, I figured I'd be a good sport and post some upfront :-)

Some tragic sunglasses from a trip to Alaska:

My tragic 2nd grade perm (though really, dad has no room to talk):

And some real tragic umm, coolots I believe they were called.

And my last photo is a mystery photo labeled "John and Friends". Any idea who the friends were?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More Weekend Fun!

Sunday was another great day with Daddy and grandma and grandpa. First, Matthew wanted to feed Daddy some goldfish.

Then we took grandma and grandpa to the Dinosaur park. Matthew did a little exploring . . .

But when we got home and he headed to the playground at the apartment, he really took off . . . for better or worse!

When he tried to climb up the slide, a case of giggles took over!

On Monday we headed to the library where grandma read some more books with him! Then we went on a picnic at Daddy's work then grandma and grandpa went on a long walk with Matthew while I took Sky to the vet!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hey Mr. Postman!

Matthew's been busy with grandma and grandpa, but has taken some time out to mail some letters to his great grandma.

He's quite the helper!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hiking with Grandma and Grandpa!

Saturday we took a nice trip to the mountains with grandma and grandpa. Someone, headed out without a memory card for the camera (again!), but luckily grandpa takes great photos. Matthew enjoyed his roasted brat:

But was eager for the hike.

We headed up to Palisades Falls which was far more impressive than the guidebook let on.

Matthew and Mommy hanging out precariously below the falls.

I'm pretty certain I was not giving Matthew a "You Can't Handle the Truth!" style lecture, but instead kisses. I'm sure Matthew will grow up believing this is proof I started torturing him at a young age.

Matthew was petting Sky to let him know he was a good doggie.

A great shot Grandpa got of Matthew looking at grandma.

And then Matthew turned back into the Once-ler from The Lorax when it was Daddy's turn to carry him. A Once-ler whose fee was hats apparently :-)

Walking on the lake shore with grandma.

All in all Matthew had a great day with Grandma and Grandpa and Grandpa got some GREAT shots. We've had such a busy, exciting weekend there's lots more to blog soon!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Visitors and the Swamp Thing

Look who came to visit this weekend! Grandma and Grandpa took Matthew "fishing" and exploring and stair climbing in the Yellowstone exhibit. I had the cutest photo ever framed in my camera and dang it, turns out I didn't have a memory card. When I went to pick grandma and grandpa up from the museum I was able to at least get this photo.
And a short video from the other day. With Matthew's Zombie-like posture and pre-dinner exhaustion stumbling, he kinda looks like an attacking monster!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Family Photo Friday

It's been a short and busy week so I probably won't remember to say everything I wanted to say about these photos, but most importantly, I've been waiting forever to re-stumble upon this photo:

This is my dad and uncle as they were helping to build the old farmhouse. This is why it was/is so hard to say goodbye to that house. It wasn't just built, it wasn't just lived in, it was part of the family. As the house was made from reclaimed boards, they weren't always straight and they weren't always standardized in their spacing (as I found out when trying to mount our television!) I picked out a few of these other photos to share as they show the house and yard in various states of evolution. They're also great photos of "the kids" again.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The one week lag

In terms of Matthew's skills, there's generally about a week lag between what he is able to do and what I can catch on camera. I've been trying to capture a better video of Matthew's walking on camera (with a little nudge from Uncle Ed!) Finally, this morning I discovered he'll lunge for his walker if I get it unstuck from whatever wall he ran it into last. It worked like a charm for capturing this video:

Sure enough it wasn't 5 minutes later that I watched him (no camera around of course!) walk all the way down the hall, play in his room for a few minutes, then walk all the way back down the hall unassisted. I'm sure I'll get a video next week :-)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cabin Fever!

What is it they say about the best laid plans? The goal for this Labor Day weekend was going to be our first camping trip to the Petrified Forest. What we got on Friday evening was a whiny, sniffling, coughing, feverish, up-all-night snuggle bear to match the cold, dreary weather of the weekend. By Saturday though, we needed to get out of the house so we headed to the Rec Area. We watched the ducks:

And Matthew sat very stoically, unimpressed by the sand below him for a while

Eventually a stick provided enough interest to get him moving:

Cute, not so baby toes in the sand

Apparently the day's life guard was a pint-sized spiderman. He fiercely protected us from encroaching ducks.

By Monday Matthew was feeling a bit better and the weather kinda cleared up so he took a few laps around the apartment complex with his little push toy. He's now given up crawling between the ottoman, piano and bookshelf in favor of walking unassisted. We've definitely got trouble on our hands!

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