Friday, September 3, 2010

Family Photo Friday

The set of photos I was flipping through this week are just great photos of the kids (my dad and aunts and uncles) taken around the farm.

My guess is this is one of my dad's cousins with papa but I'm not certain who. Ideas?

And I love this one of the boys looking pensive down by the river.

So the resolution on this image isn't great after I had to manipulate it from the pdf a bit, but it's the ship log for the Setina family when they came to the US. My great-great-grandmother Mary came over with my great-grandmother, Jennie (who was 9 at the time) and 5 of their other children all by herself. My great-great-grandfather Gasper was already in the country at Box 56, Yale, Kansas according to the record. I can't even imagine undertaking such a trip with 5 children by myself and really means I shouldn't even blink about a quick plane trip with just one snuggle monkey.

I'm sharing this because for anyone interested in their own family history, this weekend, is offering free searches of their immigration and travel databases which is where I found this. I have an on-again, off-again relationship with until their sister company, FamilyTreeMaker comes out with software for Mac. However, for the months I subscribe it's totally worth it and my data is stored on their servers until I come back. So, right now I use to manage my on-line finds when I pay for the subscription and Reunion to manage my paper finds. However, FTM makes for an easy way to merge the two worlds and I'm thrilled to hear their coming out with a version for Mac this year.

Also, another great place for an always free search of immigration records is If you've never searched before it's an arduous process because data recording/transcription wasn't always the greatest and the data's been manipulated multiple times, leaving room for mulitple errors, before reaching the internet. The errors combined with my family's spotty records makes for a frustrating search. At least the world isn't overrun with Majdics, Podobniks and Pozuns yet :-) is trying to make money by selling lots of immigration record products and doesn't allow you to save an image or .pdf but their search functions are fairly easy to use and their scans are far clearer than Ancestry.

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