Friday, September 17, 2010

Family Photo Friday

None of the photos this week are "newly found" per se, but are great photos nonetheless. In thinking about the evolution of grandma's house, here's a very early photo of the plate collection that eventually took over the kitchen, laundry room and mudroom. (They are also great photos of my grandparents!)

The collection sneaking over to the corner of the kitchen

The collection as of 2007:

And this is one of those photos that captured every day life at grandma's house and some of my fondest memories. Every morning, grandma's brother and "neighbor" Uncle Buddy would come over for coffee, B.S., and some games of cribbage. Grandma's kitchen was open to anyone and everyone for coffee, any and every morning. On weekends we'd visit, it wasn't uncommon for all the chairs around the table to be occupied along with uncles and aunts leaned up against the counter. Stories were told, weather was discussed and my great uncles were just known as my uncles. I credit those mornings of coffee and fry bread for my fondness toward my extended family. I also always rocked my addition tests at school because I could breeze through everything that added up to 15 :-)

Along the lines of the evolution of the house, here's a photo from Sharon's wedding, taken in the living room. Rumor is a lot of work was done on the house to prepare for this fabulous event!

And because *someone* was threatening a rebuttal of embarrassing childhood photos, I figured I'd be a good sport and post some upfront :-)

Some tragic sunglasses from a trip to Alaska:

My tragic 2nd grade perm (though really, dad has no room to talk):

And some real tragic umm, coolots I believe they were called.

And my last photo is a mystery photo labeled "John and Friends". Any idea who the friends were?

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