Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I love photos like this

All photos from our trip this weekend come courtesy my parents cameras. My camera made it out East and even to the dock in Old Town Alexandria for the wedding. Unfortunately, all 12 billion camera cards I own did not make the trip. After all that excitement, my camera now has a lense error and is useless until I figure out a more advanced plan than turning it on and off until it works. The picture I wanted to take would have shown this awesome boat where the wedding was.

Then you can imagine I would have taken pics showing an absolutely stunning bride and her always fun and hospitable groom. I might have even caught the awesome best man speech which ended with "like my dad would have said, 'now let's all get naked and jump in a pile'". Other than DC choosing to ignore the fact it should have been fall, it was perfect.

Here are a few more pictures from my parents' cameras from this weekend:

"Grandma help!"

"Just kidding!"

Goofing around with Uncle Matt.

And here's a great video of Matthew tickling Grandma. My mother is quite possibly one of the most ticklish people on earth so her ability to tolerate this is quite amazing. Grandkids get to have all the fun because when we were growing up, tickling mom was definitely a no-no.

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