Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall Fun!!

This weekend, we packed in a bunch of fall fun! On Saturday morning we headed out to Rocky Creek Farms for pumpkins and cider. First we checked out the pigs

Then we took a tractor ride out to the pumpkin patch.

Matthew took his turn at "driving"

Technically they were "out" of pumpkins but had set aside a few for a birthday party that never showed. They were little, but the perfect size for Matthew.

Later that afternoon in my quest for carving pumpkins the day before Halloween (FAIL) I saw a mom and her two kids at the grocery store picking out "pumpkins" (small gourds). The poor boy couldn't comprehend that he was going to have to paint his "pumpkin" and they wouldn't be carving any because there were no pumpkins left in town. Thank goodness this year Matthew won't remember and I've learned my lesson. Even though it seemed silly at the time, I should have picked up pumpkins in Worland last weekend :-)

Once we finished up our hay ride we picked out a box of apples, then watched as our cider was pressed

The cider turned out delicious.

Afterward, I couldn' resist a caramel apple. As I was dipping my apple I thought "wow, this caramel is so smooth and creamy for sitting in the crock pot all morning . . . I wonder what their secret is". Turned out the secret was the caramel never, ever set, so it was a drippy gooey disastrous mess. Matthew shared some of daddy's and didn't seem to mind:

Sunday we headed out to Bozeman's Hay Maze which was incredibly cool. It was just before nap so we didn't take on the big maze, but Matthew enjoyed the little maze

and though he was hesitant at first, eventually enjoyed the cornbox. As I pulled corn out of every crease in his overalls when we got home, I was less amused.
Before we headed out we found some big pumpkins to use for a photo op. Even though these next three pics are very similar, I just couldn't pick a favorite :-)

And finally some pics with Mommy and Daddy.

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