Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oh my!

It's been a crazy week. Matthew pretty much recovered from his bout of bronchitis and our week got back to semi-normal with playdates, errands, daycare and lots of fun with the cats.

Matthew had his first dentist appointment. It went pretty well. He likes brushing his teeth. In fact he likes it so much he often will sign "more" when we take the toothbrush away.

Thursday we were supposed to head to grandma's but Matthew woke up with a fever. (Between daycare, winter, weaning and possible asthma) I feel like we've been battling one virus after another. Anyway, on Friday Matthew and I packed up and headed down to grandma's.

Matthew had an excellent drive down and for the first time EVER sleep through the night (twice) while traveling. Matthew's been a good sleeper at home but he is the world's crappiest sleeper when we travel, which then makes me a miserable zombie when I travel. This was heaven for me. We even headed outside and took a few fall pictures.

Unfortunately, when it came down to Monday afternoon Matthew's bronchitis-y cough was back with a vengeance. He then couldn't sleep and quickly became a cranky hot mess. This was what happened when we tried to get a picture with grandma. (Note to self: Next time take pictures with grandma in the mornings when Matthew's being all coy and adorable.)

Today was the worst travel day ever. Matthew's cough kept him up most all of last night and kept him from napping in the car as well which kept him super cranky again. The poor thing is miserable so hopefully the doctor will have some more guidance about these coughing spells tomorrow.

One of the big treats and pitfalls of our travel is our reliance on McDonalds. However, after trying a few other restaurants and fast food chains for stopping, there is something really nice about knowing that the McDonalds strategically placed in rural Montana and Wyoming always have a clean bathroom, a changing table (this is the big one!) and a high chair.

When we stopped for lunch there were 20 or so boys from the local high school wrestling team in the McD's. I watched the cliques of rednecks with their Carrharts and John Deere, cool kids with their spiked hair they think is so cool, the nerds discussing their classes with the chaperone and the shy kids in the corner practically whispering and I nearly broke down. One day, that will be Matthew, somewhere in that crowd. Thank god I have at least 11 more years to figure out how to raise a teenage boy . . . or at least 11 years to prepare for how to suffer through it.

As I'm having my moment of panic over the reality of Matthew one day becoming a teenager, I look over at Matthew enjoying his first Happy Meal of chicken nuggets and apple slices. He's now able to manipulate the cup of milk and straw on his own, as well as put the nuggets and apple bites back in the carton without dropping any on the floor or table. He's a big boy and aside from opening the containers, he handled his lunch all by himself while I was lost in my own head. I guess he's been doing it for a while but it really hit me today how grown up he is.

When all was said and done we made it home safe and sound, enjoying the dusting of snow on the conifers over Bozeman pass but not on the Interstate thankfully. Now we're both snuggled up in bed recovering and hoping for an uneventful evening so maybe we can be productive tomorrow and do something crazy like take my camera in to be repaired :-)

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