Sunday, November 7, 2010

Another gorgeous weekend

Bozeman has yet again evaded the mysterious Bozeman winter we've heard so much about. Though we did get a nice dusting when I returned from WY the other week, since then it's been mid-60s and gorgeous. We may not have ended up with a few feet before Halloween as everyone warned us, but 2-5" of snow is forecasted for tonight, but in the meantime we went out to enjoy the weather this weekend.

Matthew did a few more laps around the apartment with his car. He loves to push it around and has become adept at turning it and getting it unstuck without needing to look pitifully at us and sign "help". However, he has no interest in pushing it in the walker position and now will only use it when it's down in full ride-on mode. He also as no interest in riding on it, just lots, and lots of pushing it around the house and around the apartment.

We also headed over to enjoy the Dinosaur Park a few last times. He's really gained quite a bit of confidence with his movement and is now a climbing, crawling, scooting, almost running monkey.

Taunting me from the top of the slide with threats of heading down face first (or like he almost succeeded in trying the other day, sitting up but backward. Yikes!) He's hard to resist, look at those big gorgeous eyes!

Today we decided to take advantage of the nice weather and head to the very empty lake so Sky could take one last swim for the season. Matthew insisted on carrying the thrower and pushing it the entire way. In fact, ever since we pulled it out of storage this has been one of Matthew's favorite things to do.

Sky was quite pleased and even though the wind picked up, he didn't seem to mind as the ball would drift further and further away.

While Sky took his swims Matthew made sure to hold onto the thrower for me, though he learned pretty quick to give it back as soon as Sky got near the edge of the water. Matthew found out that crazy, wet, shaking, excited Sky was nothing he wanted near himself and that could be Mommy's job.

I think on the walk down to the lake Sky had maybe forgotten about the awesomeness of the thrower since he was able to walk without paying any attention to Matthew and the thrower.

On the way back Sky didn't take his eyes off Matthew or the thrower once, which made for a very long, very chaotic walk back. At least now I know how to train Sky to be a Lassie-like protector of Matthew and Matthew will be safe, as long as he's carrying a bright orange stick almost as tall as him.

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