Thursday, November 4, 2010

Family Photo Friday

So, on Thursday night I got this fabulous email from my dad with old family photos and almost cheated and just posted those :-) However, I was also dying to get back into the albums so you get those again, plus A LOT of rambling.

So, here's my favorite picture of my grandmother and I.

The wedding picture's a hard picture to beat because a) it was the happiest day of my life, filled only with tears of joy and b) I actually remember it :-) Grandma had at one point told me she wouldn't make it come out for my wedding as she was done flying/traveling. My aunt traveled circles to ensure grandma was there and it meant the world to me to have everyone there.

Anyway the following picture is my second favorite picture of her and I. I'm pretty certain this picture was a pretty great day, but I don't remember it and I likely cried tears that weren't for joy. However, I love this picture of her and papa, even if papa was being a bit distracted. There aren't a whole lot of pictures of me and grandma and grandpa floating around, especially with me being so young, so this one's definitely special.

However, dad sent me this one today which I hadn't ever seen and is also equally precious. As non-PC and odd a thought it is, one of the first things that popped into my mind was "now I understand why everyone told my mom they thought I was a little Indian baby". Matthew had dark hair when he was born, but nothing like his mama apparently.

And this one that is far less precious. I still firmly remember one of my parents advising me to get frames a size larger so I could "grow" into them and wear them for many years and just replace the lenses. Tragic. (My parents vehemently deny this. As they rightly say, "growing" into glasses is dumb and they would have never said anything dumb when I was growing up). I want to believe they are wrong, but now that I'm a parent I *know* I've never said anything dumb to Matthew so I'm starting to understand their side of the argument . . . a bit.

He also sent along a few other ones I'll share later, but I LOVED this picture of mom and (uncle) Matt.

James and I were rearranging the storage unit the other day and I came across this high chair that we had in Matthew's old nursery, but moved into storage when we moved. I had intended to have Matthew use it when he got a little older but wanted to do something to protect the decal on the back so it didn't flake off. That project's still on the back burner but I have wondered for a while how old the chair was since I haven't found something comparable on-line. I knew it was at least as old as my cousin, since he used it here.

P.S. - I love that all the cupboard doors are open in the back. It makes me believe my affliction for leaving them open is more genetic than anything else :-)

Anyway, I just came across this photo which means I now have confirmed the high chair is at least as old as my Uncle John, minus 2 years.

And I'm not certain who this is or what high chair they are in, but if it's a Majdic or Pozun, my guess is he was calling dibs on the skin or the turkey leg.

Anyway, back to pictures from the albums. They are such an odd generational mix, some from the old world, some of my dad's cousins. The second album has a lot more formal pictures, some of family friends, some of family and some that only indicate the photographer's studio and nothing more. I'll delve into those next week. In the meantime, here's a few more snapshots.

This photo was a blessing as it was labeled Jakob Setina. More importantly, my great-grandmother had written below it, my Uncle. This is a huge leap for me as it helps me rule out some of the other Setina records I have found.

And speaking of labeling, I love the way this was labeled, "my sisters and brother Frank Setina." I like to think great-grandma had just as much difficulty labeling everyone in these photos but Frank, just like me. However, if their heights correspond to age, I'd guess this is:

Front Row: Tillie, Julia, Gail, Anna

Back Row: Rosalie, Frances, Louise and then Mary. If for some reason Jennie really wasn't pictured and these were just her sisters, this makes sense. If Jennie is in fact in the picture and/or one of the girls hit a growth spurt I have no idea who is missing and who is who :-)

And I thought this picture was awfully funny. This is Rosy on the left in the old folks home. Her costume sign says "Meet Grandma Turnipseed and her Darling grandson John III"

And because I'm a masochist, I played around with another photo with a paragraph description in Slovenian. This is the translation I got:

"Here the so called post one picture, my sister married in the picture are the sisters of my mother and my sister that floods this large volume is completely sisters husband I perceived all Toje front of my birthplace I have not three nephews, my sister is completely one that the child tents so we'll just meet you little daddy already no longer" Aside from Toje, it was all translated, but I think I need a native speaker to make sense of it. Moreover, I need to figure out whose handwritting these are in so I can anchor these relationships to a person.

And last but definitely not least, another cute picture of John and Sharon. I'm not positive about who got to be the horsey in the picture because of the fabulous face he's making, but it looks a lot like Uncle Jerry. There's something about these little square pictures. All of ones I have found so far are just fabulous little slices of daily life.

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