Monday, November 22, 2010

Hanging out with the Pozuns and great grandma

Matthew's having a great week so far with the Pozuns. He thinks Uncle Matt is pretty awesome.

Especially because Uncle Matt brought a football to play with

but when Uncle Matt stole his hat, he wasn't too pleased.

He also enjoys reading with Grandpa Ron while great-grandma catches up on the news

though he still thinks that all farm animals say "grrrrr". He loved going with his cousin to do chores the other day and let us know that all the "Ayes" said "grrrr".

And sure they look cute and peaceful cuddled up reading, but Matthew also really likes some roughhousing as well:

He's also having a great time with grandma, though he tends to retreat to grandma for deep neck-nuzzling snuggles and I haven't gotten a great picture :(. He even let grandma put him to bed without protest the other night. And though he loves reading and snuggles with grandma, his favorite thing to do is to find grandma in the kitchen and show off his newest sign, complete with "Mmmmmm".

Grandma, grandpa and uncle Matt are learning their lessons quickly though, because if they give Matthew a treat, he then follows them around pitifully signing "Please, more, hungry" and pointing to whatever they tried to hide or are trying to enjoy themselves :-)

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