Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Snuggle Bug, the signer

Before the rumor mill *cough* my parents *cough* goes crazy, just thought I'd remind everyone of Uncle Ed's favorite niece! June's far more enamored with Ed than the cats so we'll let her be the favorite niece. I don't think the cats will mind.

It's been a very busy two weeks here between playgroups, doctors appointments, vet appointments, an ear infection, a case of hives, 2 sinus infections and oh yeah, only my biggest event of the year at work and some crazy 16 hour days :-)

So, for the first time in a long time Matthew and I stayed home in our jammies all day today cuddling, reading and trying to get our house back to some type of presentable manner. Part of the day we were waiting for Matthew's big boy bed(s) to arrive.

He seems to like it so far as he gets on it and immediately plops his head down.

I was playing with the video camera so here are some videos of the little guy exploring his new bed. We were working on how to get off the bed safely, but he decided he needed a little help:

With Dad's help he got it and was quite proud of himself. He's also started to pat things when he wants up. In the living room he'll bring a book over to us, sign please and then pat our laps for storytime. It's heart warming, minus the fact that like any sane parent, I can only read Alaska's Train Story so many times in a day before going batty.

And another sign he's been using. Thank you!

Matthew's also become a great big snuggle bug and loves to give hugs and snuggle against us. He LOVES his elephant from Uncle Matt still. I can't believe a year ago he was just barely sitting up and playing with grandma's twin elephant that seemed huge compared to him! He sleeps with it and tends to use it as a pillow, even though he has a perfectly good, non-lumpy pillow in the crib. Anyway, here he is retrieving his elephant which for some reason he'd put in the bathroom for safe keeping while we rearranged his room:

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