Thursday, November 25, 2010


I'm still having difficulty with the colors on the camera, so just pretend the 70s was our Thanksgiving theme! Matthew's had a great week. He's working on using his fork and gets pretty insistent about it. He especially enjoyed using it to eat one of Uncle John's famous twice baked potatoes, which he nearly gorged himself on the other night.

Matthew has taken full advantage of having a houseful of readers and will bring a book over to anyone and everyone who might be sitting around. He caught grandma for an early morning round of Dr. Seuss's ABCS.

However, Matthew did take time to have a very American Thanksgiving. He started appropriately by enjoying the Sesame Street float during the parade.

but then it was time for the Farm Book with great grandma.

However, his favorite game to play with grandma involves taking her exercise bands out of her walker, having grandma hold them and then putting them back. Over and over and over again while Matthew and Ryan discussed football.

My little bottomless pit was ready for the big show well as soon as we sat down. Before we could get to grace, Matthew dug in.

The rest of the family.

Can you take a wild guess which Thanksgiving staple was Matthew's favorite?

Afterwards, Matthew and Daddy made sure Matthew knew that Thanksgiving has a 3rd F, Food, Family and Football!

Cheering on the team

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