Monday, December 6, 2010

#66 Done!

We completed another item from our 101 Things list, but first, here's two cats who also enjoy the box! June has been pretty sick this week so after Matthew goes to bed the box gets set up so she won't go in it and get sick. The cats like to jump on the top and then fall into it. Okay, so they probably don't like the fall, but that's how it happens, and if I'm being completely honest, it's hilarious.

And then they try to get out, providing entertainment for all.

Anyway, on Saturday we headed to Bozeman's Christmas Stroll downtown. We visited some Bernese Mtn. Dogs, heard lots of music and caroling, drank lots of hot cider, checked out the gingerbread houses and enjoyed the cold weather as best possible.

On Sunday, we headed up to the mountains to cut down our own Christmas tree (#66 on our list). As a short background, my brother and I have fond memories of heading up to the mountains outside Laramie with my dad to cut down Christmas trees. Dad was a stickler for a decent tree and we always managed to find an impressive one. James and I were not so lucky. Matthew and I had a bit of a scare on Saturday with him in the backpack and me losing my balance so he's been a bit fussy now anytime I seem off-balance. Apparently I don't trudge through waist high snow very smoothly so he didn't enjoy any of the off-trail tree searching, which turned our quest for a tree to a quest for a tree fairly close to the trail. In a forest among the other trees, our tree looks like an awesome little tree with a "few" bare spots and was by far the best tree we had seen during our adventure.

On our porch, however, it looks like the Charliest of Charlie Brown trees. I'll take a picture before we decorate it so you can see its pathetic state compared to what I hope will be an awesome decorating job, but dang it, I'm still proud of it. It's definitely on par with some of the other trees we've seen cruising around town on rooftops and it only cost $5 for the permit and we got to spend a gorgeous day in the mountains. Next year, however, I'll seek out a stand of anything but lodgepole pines :-)

We weren't the only family out searching for trees and after Sky had a run-in with a dog he ended up on leash most of the time. He still seemed to enjoy himself!

And back in the parking lot as we tied the tree to the car, Matthew learned one of the secrets of this tradition, a nice thermos of hot cocoa waiting for you when you get back!

The look:

The lunge and sip:

The lip-smacking satisfaction:

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