Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Baking Buddy

First, some video of the artist as work last weekend. He took is job very seriously.

Matthew's favorite thing to do this week is help in the kitchen. If I'm in there working and he can't be on his stool he finds it to be a terrible injustice. Here he is "helping" make pancakes Sunday morning:

Double checking we got the last drop of milk before recycling the container:

The other evening as I was making dinner Matthew took it upon himself to head over to the counter and "help." Apparently I just wasn't cooking fast enough and he helped himself to the apple on the counter.

Which is convenient as it is one of his favorite and most clear words. Then he started rocking out and being silly of course!

Apple thievery is admittedly far better than last night when as we were getting ready for a Christmas party Matthew leaned over and stole handfuls of fudge and peppermint bark. Now that Matthew's figured out how to open the closet, climb the step stool and move the step stool around, the only thing standing between sanity and chaos is the fact that he can't "open" the step stool if it's folded up. That might be the biggest thing I ask Santa about, if he can withhold Matthew learning that one key step until, I don't know, maybe 2012? Is that asking too much? :-)

Speaking of that, you can start taking bets now on the results of Matthew meeting Santa later this week/weekend. Right now 100% of his friends around his age have had Santa experiences like this:

However, in his favor is the fact that he was totally chill and cuddly with being on the pediatrician's lap and the nurses lap last week. He also ran up and was hugging random men at the Christmas party, so who knows? Maybe he'll be the toddler to break the trend! (However, if I were a betting woman I'd still put is at 85/15 for an all out meltdown.)

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