Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Preparations, the Charlie Brown Tree and Pure Silliness

Matthew's been very busy this week helping prepare for Christmas. On Sunday he helped us trim the tree

Note the tangle of lights in the corner. The previous Saturday, James strung the lights on the tree only to find that 1/2 of both strands didn't work. I decided on Sunday to take the lights off so I could "hide" the unlit lights (there's little room for hiding on a tree like ours!). After I took the lights off, all the lights started to work again so I started re-stringing. I then plugged them in to check again and 1/2 the lights didn't work.

At this point, Charlie Brown started looking a little worse for the wear. His branches are already pretty angled, presumably due to surviving many seasons of snowfall. However, in the corner of our little apt, it didn't look as if Charlie was going to survive both lights and ornaments on its branches. So, to spare Charlie the embarrassment of any more lost limbs, we gave up on lights and just went for ornaments.

There's no hope for his bare spots but he certainly has a charm to him. As my mother-in-law so very optimistically pointed out, "it doesn't hide any of the ornaments". And since I love the ornaments on the tree and their eclectic mix of memories, traditions and insanity, I think that she's right and that makes Charlie the perfect tree for us.

And on a completely different note, watch out! Matthew's started driving and talking on the phone a the same time!

He's also figured out his pounding toy finally and hammers away with reckless abandon. Sadly he's still not very good with putting the balls away IMMEDIATELY leaving them vulnerable to prowling kitties. After some under the stove spelunking we found two but the other two balls are MIA.

"Who? Us? Never!!"

And while we're at it, here is a minute of crazy and pure toddler silliness. No rhyme or reason, just silliness and very bad, distracted, giggly camera work.

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