Sunday, December 26, 2010

A few days with the Watsons

Twas the night before Christmas and Matthew listened very intently to his new copy of "Twas the Night Before Christmas" from Grandma Watson, with a special recording.

He couldn't get enough of the book and needed grandma to flip the pages as well. I think he listened to it at least 3 times.

On Christmas morning, Matthew opened his first present in bed. Grandpa sent us an article about the "Book in Every Bed" program and we thought that sounded like a great plan.

Matthew agreed, even though he woke up crazy early because we had left the wrapping paper next to his crib and he thought he needed to explore.

Later we moved to the living room where we opened presents with the rest of the family, both here and via Skype.

Matthew liked to help everyone else open their presents as well.

James and his awesome and awesomely warm hat from Ed.

Matthew hanging out in his new camp chair

And Matthew enjoying his book from great Grandma Elsie in his new chair.

We all had a lot of fun with the plush bacon gift from Uncle Matt. I'm certain Uncle Matt got it because (as the tag states): No matter what the situation, he says, "I'm Bacon!" This reminds children that no matter what happens in life, they should be true to themselves and always be proud of who they are.

I'm hoping someone else took more pictures after this because as we devolved into a chaos of Skype, toys, trains, boxes and wrapping paper, I apparently forgot to take pictures until later on when I totally envied June's under the Christmas tree nap.

One last story with grandma, grandpa and his first plush bacon before bed.

Today, we decided to head out snowshoeing. The weather was gorgeous so we headed up Hyalite Canyon for a nice hike.

Sky couldn't have been more thrilled!

On the trail:

Matthew babbled most of the way, but really doesn't like it when we stop for pictures so he puts on a very serious face.

Sky the happily surveying his domain:

Sky taking his job very seriously.

June didn't make the trip because she's kind of a wuss about the snow and the thought of having to carry her back wasn't really appealing to anyone. However, the rest of us had a lot of fun. And of course we had hot cocoa waiting in the car so Matthew didn't seem to mind at all :-)

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