Thursday, December 2, 2010

Matthew has an announcement to make

and he is apparently not pleased! Mommy's very special early Christmas gift was a new glider/rocker for the nursery, in preparation for what will hopefully be an early birthday gift next June. All this means that we've at least finished one more of our 101 things to do, #23 - have a sibling for Matthew. I don't think he's as excited as we'd hoped he'd be :-)

After I'm certain I spent 1,000s of hours in the noisy, uncomfortable glider rocker we got when Matthew was born, when these plush, comfy rockers went on sale at the local baby store, we decided it was time for the old one to go to presswood furniture heaven, or at least Craigslist.

Matthew seems to like the chair so far for pre-nap and bedtime cuddles, so maybe it's just the thought of being a big brother that scares him, but he was not having any of this sitting in the chair by himself business.

Luckily, he was easily pleased with what he thought was the perfect gift for him, the box the chair came in.

Turned house with door.

My guess is he loves it so much because it has "doors" he can both open and shut. He can't quite open the doors in our house consistently so most days this is his door experience:

- open and close door gently

- close door to hard and it latches

- scream because he accidentally shut himself in a room

- mom comes and opens door

- wash. rinse. repeat.

- mom moves Matthew out of room and closes door

- scream because mom is a big old meanie

- wash. rinse. repeat.

Oh the joys of toddlers :-)

And because I'm getting even lazier with my blogging, here's two videos I mashed into one of him and his "house". We'll see how long it stays in the house before Christmas takes over and we literally run out of floor space. I don't really need to use the kitchen right? We can just keep it in there :-)


  1. I think we play the same soundtrack in our house! It's by The Washer And Dryer combo, right? It seems to be great ambiance music...

  2. Agreed! We seem to play it on an infinite loop in this house :-)

  3. Congratulations! And yes, I love the soundtrack too.


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