Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wrapping Up

As we prepare for our next series of adventures this weekend, I figured I' should finish sharing more pictures from last week. We had a fairly uneventful trip back from Wyoming. We got a bit of a late start for a very good reason as we stopped to visit Matthew's 2 day old cousin JJ, or to be ancestrally technical, I think, 2nd cousin, once removed. JJ's a lucky kid with great parents and some awesome heritage behind his name.

I think Matthew's been glad to be back home among his normal things, but certainly misses grandma, grandpa, great-grandma and uncle Matt. The boy didn't realize how good he had it until he got home to hang out with just mean old mom :-) Okay, that's not completely true, he hosted play group today and got to destroy the living room with 4 of his closest friends. He thought it was pretty awesome.

From our trip to Thermopolis. It took Matthew a while to warm up (figuratively, not literally I suppose) but he enjoyed himself. I wish I wasn't such a wuss, but as some crazy people (like my father and brother) kept heading to the outdoor pools and letting the cold air in, I just wasn't in the mood to stand at the pool's edge and freeze to death taking pictures.

Afterwards we headed to a nice Mexican restaurant in Thermopolis where Matthew learned he could eat his weight in salsa. The boy continues to be a bottomless pit! I thought for a second he was eating like crazy because there was company to impress but he had 2 eggs with cheese, a 1/2 cup of blueberries and a scoop or two of yogurt this morning while I vacuumed. Hopefully he's in a growth spurt otherwise he's going to eat us out of house and home.

Being silly while trying to take pictures with grandma and grandpa:


Someone who was ready to be done with pictures.

Mean old Uncle Matt was wearing one of little Matt's favorite toys of the week and took it home with him to Virginia. Frighteningly, I'm sure little Matt will remember exactly what to do next time he sees the hat.

Hanging out with grandma Dot.

A four generation photo where Matthew is not fussing AND grandma Dot is looking at the camera and not at Matthew. Hurray!

And I got my Christmas present early today. Matthew enjoyed the box (well, the smaller of the two boxes, he hasn't gotten to play with the larger box), so maybe that will be one of Matthew's Christmas gifts this year :-)

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