Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Boy and his Dog

Someone has been busy with his artwork . . .

when he's not busy running around squealing and chasing the animals. Between chasing the cats through the tunnel or trying to climb onto the chairs and ottoman he's a busy kid. Sometimes though, he just needs a good cuddle with his favorite (or at least our most submissive) pet:

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Up in the mountains

On Saturday, James tested out his downhill legs this weekend at Bridger Bowl with some friends. On the midwife's (and common sense) orders, I sat out and Matthew and I hung out around the house. Today however, we took to the snow and headed up to the falls. We rented snowshoes, but it turned out we probably didn't need them. The trail we headed down was popular enough that ice climbers, skiiers, snowshoers and other hikers had packed down the trail pretty well. However, we did some off trail hiking and took the steeper route up and they at least made decent crampons. As always we needed to take an obligatory pic of Sky enjoying the snow:

We passed some smaller falls and ice climbers along the way. These are pretty accessible and seemingly popular. I'd guess there were 20-30 climbers throughout the canyon while we were there, though we only saw maybe 6-7. However, ice climbers tend to start their day a little later (and from the parking lots stories a little more hungover) than those of us with toddler alarm clocks.

Another set:

It was cloudy when we started but I was able to get a decent B&W pic of the mountains from the trail.

And here were Grotto Falls. Unfortunately they don't get enough exposure to melt the snow so we couldn't see the falls themselves, but we had the trail mostly to ourselves and it was a gorgeous day.

They look a little different than last summer when we visited with Uncle Ed:

But the ice flows to the right of the falls were certainly pretty.

Unfortunately, because we had all kinds of peace and solace, there was no one around to help us get an attempt at an updated family picture so we went the self-portrait route.

We just couldn't squeeze Sky in this time so he and Matthew tried to pose. Too bad Sky was too distracted by the snow accumulation on his paws to pose for the picture. We still haven't figured out which is more likely, us getting Sky to wear booties or us getting Sky to allow us to trim the hair between his pads but one of those solutions will hopefully be underway next time we take him to the mountains. He really slows us down when he's stopping every 5 minutes to mope. We'd feel really bad for him but as soon as we let him off-leash the snow doesn't seem to bother him at all :)

Of course, Matthew's favorite part of the day is always a warm beverage when we get back. He's totally chill in the backpack during our hikes but doesn't care for wandering around the car in his snowsuit. Daycare says he does the same thing during recess and he and his friend V. just kinda stand on the porch awkwardly and stare.

And here's a snugglebear waking up after a good nap.

And making dinosaur noises with daddy:

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The midwife confirmed, it's a . . .

stubborn Homo sapien! Not unlike it's big brother (both in utero and recently), baby Watson was not cooperative with having its picture taken. The ultrasound tech was able to get all sorts of measurements and pictures of the baby's head and all the baby's body parts look good, but she couldn't get a good profile picture (you know, the one semi-cute ultrasound picture where a baby looks like a baby instead of alien spawn.) After lots of belly poking, baby Watson just wouldn't budge I have until next month to teach baby Watson about cooperation so we can try again. The ultrasound tech said it's medically necessary to check the jaw, but I think she just felt bad we left without any pics. James thinks he may have accidentally gotten a peek at the sex of the baby even though he swears he turned away when she told us to. He also admits a leg and umbilical cord look about the same so I'm hesitant to put any stock into his guess but it definitely feels like it weights the 50%-50% odds.

In the meantime, Matthew continues to like to be cute and put things on his head for our entertainment.

But right now here's a rare glimpse of the little dude all sacked out in his big boy bed with Elly. Between the hour and a half at the doctor and then an extra long playgroup he came home and has been zonked out for 3 hours. At 4:15p I turned the light on and opened his door but he was still zonked so I went in for a picture of his cute little sprawl and awesome bedhead.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Undercover Funny

Very few pictures have been taken around here but Matthew's been babbling/talking like a crazy fool and sits for a long time playing with his toys, moving them around and talking to/at/for them. Speaking of talking, Matthew's weird and stubborn just like his parents (shocking right?) and instead of learning normal, everyday toddler words his favorite animal words to say are Elephant (Elly), Iris (Eye-iss), Cock-a-Doodle-Doo (Cah a oo oo), Fish (ish), Owl and Olivia (ah-liv). There's no dog, moo or baa to be had from this child despite the number of times each day we talk about putting the cow in the barn or read the farm book OR talk about the dogs that are constantly in his way and knocking him over. Maybe he's just waiting until he can say canine and bovine.

When I bring the camera out to film one of his silly sessions of him talking to his toys he gets pretty serious and/or tries to attack the camera. The one exception is the video camera on my laptop. For Skype, Matthew feels the strong need to entertain grandma and grandpa with all of his hilarious tricks and demand applause and laughter for his antics. Grandma and grandpa are always willing participants, ready to cheer him on every time he fake falls.

Tonight, however, I was able to sneak this video while he was fully entertained by Iris and the tunnel.

That laugh is seriously one of the best parts of my day. I also (finally) gave his hair a much needed trim. That combined with the adorable sweater from Grandma Watson makes for one adorable little man.

In other exciting news, Matthew has a very important chore in the morning. When the dogs are finished eating, he picks up their bowls and puts them away. He takes this task VERY seriously. June eats in the kitchen and Matthew hovers and watches her very closely, and not even a second after she finishes the last morsels, he scoops up the bowl and puts it in the closet (or bangs on the closet until we open it depending on how big of slackers James and I have been). He then ventures over to the laundry room and waits until we open the door to let Sky out and then dutifully puts the bowls (bows) away and shuts the door. It's not that big of a deal but he takes his task very seriously and considering his completely age appropriate attention span is like 30 seconds, the whole thing cracks me up to watch. It's also good for him to have another chore since he figured out that banging silverware together makes awesome music so now unloading the dishwasher is a far longer and louder experience than I'd like.

Oh yeah, I forgot that Matthew's picked up one normal, favorite toddler word: no. He will often have his snacks while standing at the ottoman which the dogs see as prime opportunity for begging, at which point I tell them no. Now, Matthew sees the dogs begging and walks over to them and as he reaches out to give them his snack will say "no no". Apparently I still have some work to do with 2 species (possibly 3) regarding the word's meaning. :-)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

More Silliness!

Matthew's fever/virus has passed and he's back to his same old silly self. The world is all of a sudden hilarious to him, which is even more hilarious to me and James. It's hard to get good pictures of Matthew because he LOVES to attack me when I get out the camera. Then he likes to sit in my lap and sit down and watch the camera screen. He just doesn't get why he can't help take pictures of himself and why the screen is never funny once he joins me in watching it.

When he's not attacking the camera, he's taken to throwing himself down on the ground. We think it's hilarious so now he thinks its hilarious.

One of Matthew's friends got a tunnel/tent set for Christmas. Matthew wasn't too certain about it, but it gave me an idea. We had an agility tunnel for Sky sitting in storage. It's a bit larger than the kiddie tunnel in diameter which seems to be a big hit!

More rolling around for laughs.

June and Sky also enjoy the tunnel. June gets inside to "hide," and then Sky nudges the outside of the tunnel until June rushes out and for the chase.

Last but not least, Matthew's decided my sunglasses are awesome and the cats are still hilarious!

Amidst all this silliness, my favorite part of the day is before naptime and bedtime. This could partly be because I have a toddler that sleeps like a baby after having a baby that slept like, well, a monkey, but mostly because before sleep Matthew nuzzles against me and we rock. We discuss our day, talk about the people we love and he gives me sloppy open mouthed kisses then I lay him down in bed. A few nights ago he started sitting up in bed as I went to leave. I had a mild panic attack that went something like this: holy crap. what was i thinking. he's going to figure out he can get out of bed. he'll realize he's toys are right there and never, ever go to sleep again. he's going to crawl out now I know it. Then he'll realize he knows how to open the door. Then when he sees us and we have to put him to bed again he'll be over tired, the tantrums will start, and then the screaming . . .

Instead of all that, he sits up in bed and blows me a few kisses as I leave and my heart absolutely melts. I know this won't last forever, but I'm definitely soaking it up while I can.

P.S. A big thanks to Uncle Ed for the rockin' Dino on a unicycle shirt. However, his clothes are starting to look waaaay too "big boy" for mommy so I think I'll be dressing him only in pastel blue feetie pajamas from now on :-)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hello 2011!

Since our big Christmas celebration, things around the Watson apartment have been an odd combination of quiet and loud, hectic and peaceful. Thank goodness I didn't make a resolution to update the blog more often because I would have failed. Though as my reasonable excuse, it's really, really hard to take good pictures of someone who is constantly running around and shrieking! First, here are some goodies from grandpa's camera.

Goodnight kisses.

A trip to the MSU duck pond to feed the ducks.

The ducks were a little too eager for Matthew to hand out his goodies from the ground but he definitely enjoyed following them around once they were less aggressive.

In other exciting news, Matthew has transitioned into his big boy bed fairly well. Unfortunately, he also has a crazy fever that's been keeping him up at night but all in all, I'm very impressed with how smoothly the transition has been *knocks on wood*.

The bigger excitement has been the cats. They are no different than they were in 2010, but for some reason, 2011 is the year of the cats in Matthew's world. Matthew loves them and wanders around the house shrieking. It's adorable, except when James lovingly gets up to take care of Matthew to let me sleep in and Matthew spends the morning chasing the cats outside our bedroom door. We haven't decided who loves the new cat toy more, Matthew, Olivia or Iris.

Also, here's something exciting for 2011, can you spot our cuteness among all the other cuteness Amy S's (the photographer who did our family photos in July) favorite shots of 2010.

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