Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hello 2011!

Since our big Christmas celebration, things around the Watson apartment have been an odd combination of quiet and loud, hectic and peaceful. Thank goodness I didn't make a resolution to update the blog more often because I would have failed. Though as my reasonable excuse, it's really, really hard to take good pictures of someone who is constantly running around and shrieking! First, here are some goodies from grandpa's camera.

Goodnight kisses.

A trip to the MSU duck pond to feed the ducks.

The ducks were a little too eager for Matthew to hand out his goodies from the ground but he definitely enjoyed following them around once they were less aggressive.

In other exciting news, Matthew has transitioned into his big boy bed fairly well. Unfortunately, he also has a crazy fever that's been keeping him up at night but all in all, I'm very impressed with how smoothly the transition has been *knocks on wood*.

The bigger excitement has been the cats. They are no different than they were in 2010, but for some reason, 2011 is the year of the cats in Matthew's world. Matthew loves them and wanders around the house shrieking. It's adorable, except when James lovingly gets up to take care of Matthew to let me sleep in and Matthew spends the morning chasing the cats outside our bedroom door. We haven't decided who loves the new cat toy more, Matthew, Olivia or Iris.

Also, here's something exciting for 2011, can you spot our cuteness among all the other cuteness Amy S's (the photographer who did our family photos in July) favorite shots of 2010.

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