Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The midwife confirmed, it's a . . .

stubborn Homo sapien! Not unlike it's big brother (both in utero and recently), baby Watson was not cooperative with having its picture taken. The ultrasound tech was able to get all sorts of measurements and pictures of the baby's head and all the baby's body parts look good, but she couldn't get a good profile picture (you know, the one semi-cute ultrasound picture where a baby looks like a baby instead of alien spawn.) After lots of belly poking, baby Watson just wouldn't budge I have until next month to teach baby Watson about cooperation so we can try again. The ultrasound tech said it's medically necessary to check the jaw, but I think she just felt bad we left without any pics. James thinks he may have accidentally gotten a peek at the sex of the baby even though he swears he turned away when she told us to. He also admits a leg and umbilical cord look about the same so I'm hesitant to put any stock into his guess but it definitely feels like it weights the 50%-50% odds.

In the meantime, Matthew continues to like to be cute and put things on his head for our entertainment.

But right now here's a rare glimpse of the little dude all sacked out in his big boy bed with Elly. Between the hour and a half at the doctor and then an extra long playgroup he came home and has been zonked out for 3 hours. At 4:15p I turned the light on and opened his door but he was still zonked so I went in for a picture of his cute little sprawl and awesome bedhead.

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