Thursday, January 6, 2011

More Silliness!

Matthew's fever/virus has passed and he's back to his same old silly self. The world is all of a sudden hilarious to him, which is even more hilarious to me and James. It's hard to get good pictures of Matthew because he LOVES to attack me when I get out the camera. Then he likes to sit in my lap and sit down and watch the camera screen. He just doesn't get why he can't help take pictures of himself and why the screen is never funny once he joins me in watching it.

When he's not attacking the camera, he's taken to throwing himself down on the ground. We think it's hilarious so now he thinks its hilarious.

One of Matthew's friends got a tunnel/tent set for Christmas. Matthew wasn't too certain about it, but it gave me an idea. We had an agility tunnel for Sky sitting in storage. It's a bit larger than the kiddie tunnel in diameter which seems to be a big hit!

More rolling around for laughs.

June and Sky also enjoy the tunnel. June gets inside to "hide," and then Sky nudges the outside of the tunnel until June rushes out and for the chase.

Last but not least, Matthew's decided my sunglasses are awesome and the cats are still hilarious!

Amidst all this silliness, my favorite part of the day is before naptime and bedtime. This could partly be because I have a toddler that sleeps like a baby after having a baby that slept like, well, a monkey, but mostly because before sleep Matthew nuzzles against me and we rock. We discuss our day, talk about the people we love and he gives me sloppy open mouthed kisses then I lay him down in bed. A few nights ago he started sitting up in bed as I went to leave. I had a mild panic attack that went something like this: holy crap. what was i thinking. he's going to figure out he can get out of bed. he'll realize he's toys are right there and never, ever go to sleep again. he's going to crawl out now I know it. Then he'll realize he knows how to open the door. Then when he sees us and we have to put him to bed again he'll be over tired, the tantrums will start, and then the screaming . . .

Instead of all that, he sits up in bed and blows me a few kisses as I leave and my heart absolutely melts. I know this won't last forever, but I'm definitely soaking it up while I can.

P.S. A big thanks to Uncle Ed for the rockin' Dino on a unicycle shirt. However, his clothes are starting to look waaaay too "big boy" for mommy so I think I'll be dressing him only in pastel blue feetie pajamas from now on :-)

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  1. So adorable and funny! I can't believe how big he is! I agree about the footie pajamas. Maybe you can get a father/son matching set so James doesn't feel left out.


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