Sunday, January 16, 2011

Undercover Funny

Very few pictures have been taken around here but Matthew's been babbling/talking like a crazy fool and sits for a long time playing with his toys, moving them around and talking to/at/for them. Speaking of talking, Matthew's weird and stubborn just like his parents (shocking right?) and instead of learning normal, everyday toddler words his favorite animal words to say are Elephant (Elly), Iris (Eye-iss), Cock-a-Doodle-Doo (Cah a oo oo), Fish (ish), Owl and Olivia (ah-liv). There's no dog, moo or baa to be had from this child despite the number of times each day we talk about putting the cow in the barn or read the farm book OR talk about the dogs that are constantly in his way and knocking him over. Maybe he's just waiting until he can say canine and bovine.

When I bring the camera out to film one of his silly sessions of him talking to his toys he gets pretty serious and/or tries to attack the camera. The one exception is the video camera on my laptop. For Skype, Matthew feels the strong need to entertain grandma and grandpa with all of his hilarious tricks and demand applause and laughter for his antics. Grandma and grandpa are always willing participants, ready to cheer him on every time he fake falls.

Tonight, however, I was able to sneak this video while he was fully entertained by Iris and the tunnel.

That laugh is seriously one of the best parts of my day. I also (finally) gave his hair a much needed trim. That combined with the adorable sweater from Grandma Watson makes for one adorable little man.

In other exciting news, Matthew has a very important chore in the morning. When the dogs are finished eating, he picks up their bowls and puts them away. He takes this task VERY seriously. June eats in the kitchen and Matthew hovers and watches her very closely, and not even a second after she finishes the last morsels, he scoops up the bowl and puts it in the closet (or bangs on the closet until we open it depending on how big of slackers James and I have been). He then ventures over to the laundry room and waits until we open the door to let Sky out and then dutifully puts the bowls (bows) away and shuts the door. It's not that big of a deal but he takes his task very seriously and considering his completely age appropriate attention span is like 30 seconds, the whole thing cracks me up to watch. It's also good for him to have another chore since he figured out that banging silverware together makes awesome music so now unloading the dishwasher is a far longer and louder experience than I'd like.

Oh yeah, I forgot that Matthew's picked up one normal, favorite toddler word: no. He will often have his snacks while standing at the ottoman which the dogs see as prime opportunity for begging, at which point I tell them no. Now, Matthew sees the dogs begging and walks over to them and as he reaches out to give them his snack will say "no no". Apparently I still have some work to do with 2 species (possibly 3) regarding the word's meaning. :-)

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