Sunday, February 13, 2011

Another Exciting Weekend!

James and I have exciting (but unfortunately separate) vacations coming up next week. To prepare, James got his own small camera as a birthday present and I've been dutifully testing it out for him :-) Someone is highly interested in Daddy's new toy so I can get a lot of great up-close shots as he lunges for the camera.

On Saturday the local Symphony had their children's concert "Matthew Potter and the Tuba of Fire." I had to work so James took Matthew. According to James, Matthew was mesmerized by the whole thing the entire time, ranking it at or above Sesame Street in the hierarchy of things he finds awesome. I only wish there were more than one a year!

Afterwards James and I attempted our second movie date night this year but were thwarted by a sold out movie and then an extra long wait for a lane at the bowling alley. We skipped desert at the restaurant so we could make the movie, so we ended up just going for cake and coffee. It wasn't the night we planned but it turns out I married a very wonderful and interesting man and I really enjoy our time alone when we get it.

Unfortunately, somewhere this week, Matthew's picked up a cold or something so last night was a bit rough, leaving me even more rough this morning so we hung out in our PJs and loungewear today. Matthew and I both ended up napping through James floor hockey debut but it sounds like he had fun. Eventually I was able to coax a smile out of Matthew. . .

but I guess it's just time to say "Bye!"

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