Thursday, February 10, 2011

Stuff around the house

Hey! Remember me?

Mommy and Daddy have had crazy weeks with work and life and everything inbetween, so I have mostly spent my days tearing apart the house and "hugging" the kitties which I'm learning more about each day. I got a new "toy" that mommy swears is a bed I should learn to sleep in before we travel. I disagree and think it makes a perfect play area.

It's makes swishy noises like my tunnel and is super fun.

In fact, 4 of my friends and my truck joined me in it the other day. Then most of my friends left and mommy and her friend found me hiding and pinned down by my girl friend E. Mommy's already starting to go grey just thinking about the consequences of raising such a handsome man.

And speaking of being a heartbreaker, check out my new favorite things: saying "Bye!" and blowing kisses. I'm not certain where I thought the bookshelf would take me, but I was ready to go!

Also, check out the adorable outfit grandma Dot sent. The adorable shot of me with the lego box on my head is just an added bonus :-)

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