Sunday, March 27, 2011


Matthew and I are hanging out with great grandma this weekend, but before we left, Matthew did some very intense lining up of his farm animals. Apparently my laptop was the perfect surface.

He makes certain they are all paying attention before he begins his speech.

Apparently the farmer is allowed to be a rebel.

At first, Matthew would only line up the 3 animals with wheels (the bionics if you will) facing him and would then give them a stern and wild lecture. We joked he might be a politician-in-training, but now he's expanded his army and resorted to scare tactics and we're a bit afraid he's starting to work for the dark side.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Last weekend we ventured into our first play area. The weather was crappy, Matthew needed to run and the museums were already closed and well, I had a massive sinus headache and to be at least partially honest, baby Watson wanted ice cream :-) Mr. Big Brother also didn't seem to mind tagging along for this occasion and enjoying his fair share.

He was a little unsure of the play tunnels at first, but after watching an older girl climb up and then go down the slide he was ready to go. He'd watch her go in the tunnel then run around and watch her come down he slide and laugh hysterically. She then very helpfully pushed him up a tunnel to a landing bubble where he could hang out while the older kids climbed circles around him and he could make faces at us. He thought it was hilarious and watching him definitely was hilarious . . . until it was time to go and my pregnant self had to climb the tunnels to retrieve an unwilling to leave on his own toddler. I'm not sure whose brilliant idea it was to only have one way in and one way out but I was not impressed.

Yesterday it warmed up and we headed outside to try out our new sidewalk chalk. Matthew was quite intrigued, though it took him some time to figure out he could draw a lot more sitting and kneeling instead of crouching.

Today as I was cleaning out my cupboards I found an errant bag of yogurt melts from oh, probably a year ago and offered them up as snack. Matthew was super excited about them as a snack but even more excited when he realized they have very similar properties to chalk, super delicious chalk:

And last but not least, my favorite joy of toddlerhood is just that my son is weird. He does weird, inexplicable, hilarious things all day long. The other day when we were skyping he decided to do this weird walk for grandpa, then delivered a repeat performance the next day for grandma since the boy will do anything for a laugh:

When he's not walking around in some weird fashion, he's busy doing things like lining up his animals (trains, blocks, whatever) talking to them in some loud screeching code and then destroying them or growling and wearing my shoes around. I'd love to know what he's thinking and how his brain is working but also would be afraid to really find out :-) In the meantime he and I are hopefully headed out on a road trip tomorrow afternoon. Should be an interesting time as always.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Life of a Toddler

Last week Matthew was a trooper. I had a few work/volunteer meetings scheduled where he had to tag-a-long. (Un?)fortunately he also chose to be a super-sleeper last week, sleeping in for the mornings making us late to work and taking long naps meaning I'd have to go into his room and find him peacefully like this:

. . . and then have to wake him so I could haul him around and bribe him with the iPad and some raisins while I got things done. He is FRIGHTENINGLY good at navigating the iPad. Next time you see the victim of a toddler buying $500 worth of smurfberries even though they were password protected, it just might be us.

This week we're back on schedule without so many meetings, but not surprisingly it's time for Matthew to get another cold/cough in addition to his 2 year molars which finally made their appearance. Go figure. Though he's doing a lot of testing boundaries with me in addition to being cranky and sick, he knows how to put on the charm when we're out and about. I almost gave him away to the pharmacist yesterday as he had gathered a crowd with his playing peek-a-boo, saying please and thank you then saying bye and blowing kisses.

In all of his cuteness last week we managed to take quite a few videos I've been trying to slowly post. Here he is playing peek-a-boo (and trying to throw himself off the bathroom vanity attacking like a monster):

And here he is showing off his mad door skillz and exuberant hi's and bye's with Daddy:

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Matthew and I did some art yesterday in honor of St. Patrick's day. First, he would daintily paint using the brush. . .

then he decided his hands were more efficient.

Then we moved on to glitter which he also started to daintily drop onto the page . . .

hmmm . . . what is this stuff . . .

I bet it's delicious!

Silly photos afterward (yes, that's a shamrock sticker in his hair!)

One happy kid.

The final masterpiece drying on the corkboard.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hello Sunshine!

Much like the rest of the country, we had a gorgeous pre-spring weekend here. We figured it might be our last shot to get out and xc ski (at least here in town) so Saturday we headed out. When we had our Dr. appt Monday it looked like there was plenty of snow left by the hospital but by Friday it had gotten really icy. I managed to fall and break a pole which cut our trip short, but otherwise it was a good time.

And a very silly snuggle bear getting ready for bed with daddy. I kept hearing all this laughter while he and daddy were supposed to be getting ready for bed and walked in to find this:

Then Matthew had a very long chat with Iris before he went to bed. I went in and caught the tail end, which also looks like it might have included attempted kitty kisses:

Sunday we headed back to one of our favorite places in town, the Dinosaur park. Matthew of course was not content staying in the under 4 area and kept daddy busy climbing all over the big kid section. When we corralled him back to the small area he remembered how much he loves this silly bridge:

Sure, the park and skiing and a trip to shoe warehouse with lots of room to run were fun, but I'd guess Matthew's favorite thing to do over the weekend was "help" us clean out our cars. The plethora of found cheerios aside, putting the back seats down and letting him run around proved to be enough entertainment while I vacuumed like crazy. Then he got to sit in the front seat with some found toys. Every 20 minutes or so I'd ask if he wanted down (you know, to run in the grass like I expected) and this would be the response I'd get:

Of course once he was ready to get down he headed straight for the puddles!

But it's not just all fun and games around here, here's Matthew reading his animal book. He's got the ducks, owl and bees figured out

All in all a great and mostly productive weekend. Someone did okay with the time change so life is good!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Day at Home

Matthew and I decided to take a day at home yesterday. He's been so on and off with feeling well and I have been camped out recovering from the weekend so it was time to stay in our PJs, do some meal planning, clean/organize the office and all those fun things that pile up on you when you ignore them. We were pleasantly surprised to get a call from Uncle Ed and joined him on Skype. Through the wonders of modern technology Ed actually took these pictures from the UK of his favorite niece and nephew and then sent them back to me. Weird and creepy in some ways but mostly totally cool.

Matthew's hit or miss with catching a ball and throwing it forward but finds the act of us throwing the ball hilarious, as well as a game of monkey in the middle. Notice the disaster that is my living room did not get touched on our day "off", but we sure had a lot of fun :-) I also cut a chunk out of the middle of the video to prevent nausea as I was adjusting the camera and keeping a little monkey away from it. You can thank me later!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Haircut time

Apparently I let someone's hair get a little long. I keep telling myself this would be the time that I'd take him in and let someone else do it, but I still can't bring myself to pack him up, drag him across town and pay someone else for when I can do a passable job in about 5 minutes.

Maybe next time I'll let the pros take this cutie on!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


So, I updated our 101 list the other day and it somehow has disappeared completely from the blog. I'm working to track it down but I know we've completed two more of our list items - James went to visit London and all three of us have passports (oh yeah, and I made some very mediocre homemade pesto which I crossed off the list so there's 3). Matthew and I couldn't join James, but it appears he and Ed had a pretty good time without us and I'm pretty certain Matthew's just as happy with his Paddington Bear coloring book as he would have been with a trans-Atlantic flight last week!

In the meantime here's some videos of Matthew that have been sitting in my queue. The first was taken the day James left as we corralled the animals to go be kenneled. Iris is never pleased by being put in the carrier and protests loudly. At least now we kennel about 3 miles from the house instead of 20 which makes the situation slightly more bearable. Iris also had this reaction when we picked her up from the kennel and Matthew had the same reaction as he does here. The kennel workers thought it was adorable and called everyone over to watch Matthew giggle at the cats.

And here's a video of Matthew playing farm animals in the bath while we were in Jackson. He's become quite the chatty kid these days.

And this is one of my new favorite parts of the day. After dinner James and I will sit on the floor and play for a while. Matthew has taken to running between us and "attacking" us and then cuddling in our laps. Here's his best monster attack.

The last highlight of the day (or as big of a highlight as one can have given the circumstances) was this morning when we met to go over our insurance policies at 8am. The lovely ladies of the office who didn't have clients took to entertaining and being entertained by Matthew. One of them taught Matthew that their big stuffed bear (waaay bigger than Matthew) likes his nose scratched. I didn't get a picture/video but it was absolutely priceless and Matthew thought the office was the next best thing to Disneyland!

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