Wednesday, March 2, 2011


So, I updated our 101 list the other day and it somehow has disappeared completely from the blog. I'm working to track it down but I know we've completed two more of our list items - James went to visit London and all three of us have passports (oh yeah, and I made some very mediocre homemade pesto which I crossed off the list so there's 3). Matthew and I couldn't join James, but it appears he and Ed had a pretty good time without us and I'm pretty certain Matthew's just as happy with his Paddington Bear coloring book as he would have been with a trans-Atlantic flight last week!

In the meantime here's some videos of Matthew that have been sitting in my queue. The first was taken the day James left as we corralled the animals to go be kenneled. Iris is never pleased by being put in the carrier and protests loudly. At least now we kennel about 3 miles from the house instead of 20 which makes the situation slightly more bearable. Iris also had this reaction when we picked her up from the kennel and Matthew had the same reaction as he does here. The kennel workers thought it was adorable and called everyone over to watch Matthew giggle at the cats.

And here's a video of Matthew playing farm animals in the bath while we were in Jackson. He's become quite the chatty kid these days.

And this is one of my new favorite parts of the day. After dinner James and I will sit on the floor and play for a while. Matthew has taken to running between us and "attacking" us and then cuddling in our laps. Here's his best monster attack.

The last highlight of the day (or as big of a highlight as one can have given the circumstances) was this morning when we met to go over our insurance policies at 8am. The lovely ladies of the office who didn't have clients took to entertaining and being entertained by Matthew. One of them taught Matthew that their big stuffed bear (waaay bigger than Matthew) likes his nose scratched. I didn't get a picture/video but it was absolutely priceless and Matthew thought the office was the next best thing to Disneyland!

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